What does miscarriage look like at an early age

Such a violation of pregnancy, as a miscarriage,Is the process of death and expulsion of the fetus from the uterine cavity. It occurs not at one time, and can last from a few hours to several days. In order to understand how miscarriage looks at an early pregnancy, it is necessary to consider this process in more detail.</ P>

How does miscarriage occur at the beginning of pregnancy?

Typically, the development of miscarriage includes the following types:

  • risk of miscarriage;
  • Irreversible (unavoidable) miscarriage;
  • Incomplete miscarriage;
  • Complete miscarriage.

Under threat understand the onset of detachment of the placenta andThe appearance of the first symptoms: pain in the lower abdomen, meager spotting from the vagina. In this case, the cervix is ​​closed, so the development of miscarriage can be stopped by taking the necessary measures.

With irreversible miscarriage the detachment occurs almost completely, as a result of which the fetal death occurs.

If incomplete, detachment of the placenta occurs completely, - the fetus dies and the beginning of its ejection from the uterine cavity is observed.

A complete miscarriage is characterized by the final release of the fetus and its membranes from the uterine cavity and the genital tract of a woman.

What does a fetal egg look like in miscarriage?

Here everything depends, first of all, on the exact date of the pregnancy termination.

If we talk about how a miscarriage looks very early in pregnancy (1-2 weeks), then, as a rule, these are usual bloody discharge, which the woman often mistakes for menstruation.

At a period of 3-5 weeks, the miscarriage looks like a blood clot, with the allocation of which the woman is concerned about the pain in the lower abdomen.

If the miscarriage occurs at 7-9 weeks, then among the bloody discharge a woman can see the pieces of the fetal tissue.

How to determine a miscarriage at the beginning of pregnancy?

What a fetal egg looks like when a miscarriage occurs

Identify a similar violation at an early stageThe girls themselves are very hard. Therefore, if you suspect of it, or the appearance of a month earlier than the due date, you should contact your doctor. The only accurate method of diagnosis in this case is ultrasound. With his help, doctors with 100% accuracy will determine whether this was a miscarriage and did not remain a part of the embryo in the uterus, which helps to exclude the development of infection.

Thus, knowing how a miscarriage looks in the early term, a woman will be able to independently suspect this disorder and seek medical help as soon as possible.