Monthly after miscarriage

As a rule, it is the uterine bleedingIs the first symptom of such a violation as a miscarriage, and makes a woman turn to a doctor. After removing the remains of the fetal egg or embryo from the uterine cavity, a recovery period begins, which takes 6-12 months.</ P>

The greatest concern for women at this time is caused by menstruation, which after a miscarriage, especially without cleansing, comes with a delay.

How long after miscarriage is menstruation observed?

Almost immediately after a spontaneous abortionA woman is faced with such a phenomenon as spotting from the vagina. Their duration can reach 10 days. Immediately with these secretions, the uterus gets rid of the parts of the tissue of the embryo or the remains of the fetal egg.

The main mistake of women who expectThe moment when they have a miscarriage after their miscarriage, is the acceptance of data on menses for menstruation. It must be said that the main difference is the volume, i.е. As a rule, menstrual flow is less intense.

Delay of menstrual after a miscarriage can reach and half a year. However, in normal menstruation should be observed after 21-35 days from the moment of spontaneous abortion.

What are the characteristics of a month after an abortion?

In connection with the fact that after a sudden termination of pregnancy begins a change in the hormonal background, menstruation, as a rule, differs from those that were observed before conception.

If we talk about how many months are after the miscarriage, it should be noted that often the duration of discharge increases and differs from the usual for a woman's menstruation for 2-3 days.

It should also be noted that cyclical secretions in themselves have a slightly different character. Often, women note that after a miscarriage they have not only painful, but also profuse ones.

Monthly after miscarriage without cleansing

As a rule, such a phenomenon is regarded by doctors as a variant of the norm. For 2-3 cycles, the volume of excretions should return to what was observed in a woman before conception.</ P>

Often there is a violation of regularityMenstruation, which is associated, first of all, with a sharp change in the hormonal background. On average, the normalization of the menstrual process takes about six months.

Thus, it is necessary to say that the monthlyAfter a miscarriage, it depends on whether the repair process was carried out with the cleaning or not. It is this factor has a direct impact on the duration, abundance and time of the onset of menstruation.