At an ectopic pregnancy monthly go

Ectopic pregnancy is a dangerous condition,At which pregnancy develops not in the uterine cavity, but outside it, more often in the tube (it happens on the ovary or abdominal wall). Women, when studying a large amount of information, are all looking for early clinical signs of a difference in normal pregnancy from an ectopic pregnancy. This is very important, as many women have ectopic pregnancy can manifest clinic of acute abdomen. We will try to consider in detail, with the ectopic pregnancy the men go or not?

Ectopic pregnancy - are there monthly?

With any pregnancy, regardless of whetherWhere it develops, in response to fertilization, there is a change in the hormonal background, directed at its continuation and preservation. Therefore, menstruation during ectopic pregnancy is impossible. So, for a menstrual bleeding a woman can take pathological spotting from the genital tract. Most often they are meager and have a very dark color, so they are the first symptoms of impaired development of the fetal egg. Such a period can often be painful during an ectopic pregnancy (pain is localized in the iliac region on the side of the pathological process).

Additional Methods for Diagnosing Ectopic Pregnancy

Probably, no sensible woman isWill sit at home with pain and bleeding. To confirm or deny the presence of pregnancy, you can conduct a test. It can be anything from positive and weakly positive to negative. More precisely in this case, ultrasound will tell.

Thus, it is very important to be able to distinguish between normal monthly and spotting discharges in an ectopic pregnancy in order to call a doctor in time and not endanger your life and health.