Pink discharge in early pregnancy

Such a phenomenon as pink discharge,Appearing in the early stages of pregnancy, is not uncommon. At the same time, the reasons for their appearance are very diverse. Let's take a closer look at the case in which such a phenomenon is not a violation, and when it is necessary to consult a doctor when pink discharge appears in the early stages.</ P>

In what cases, light pink discharge in the early stages of pregnancy is not a symptom of the disease?

In the first trimester, approximately 80% of all pregnant womenWomen notes the presence of such secretions. The main reason for their appearance is the increased sensitivity of the reproductive organs of a woman, and an increase in their blood supply. That is why, after an intravaginal ultrasound or after a violent sex, women notice the appearance of a small amount of discharge of a pink hue. As a rule, in this case, their appearance is not accompanied by other symptoms (traumatic pain, deterioration of general well-being). They disappear themselves, with what also suddenly, as they appeared.

Many women, being in the position, noteThe appearance of pink discharge in the early stages of pregnancy, immediately at a time when they had a monthly period. These kinds of phenomena are caused, first of all, by hormonal reorganization in the body. In this case, quite often such discharges are accompanied by the same sensations as during menstruation (mild traction pain in the lower back, in the lower part of the abdomen). Moreover, in some cases, when the girl does not know about the pregnancy that has occurred, she takes them for a month. However, the subsequent increase in the volume of discharge, as during menstruation, does not occur, which causes the girl to think about the reason for their appearance.

The appearance of pink discharge during pregnancy - an occasion to consult a doctor?

Ideally, when the girl is all concerned about herQuestions about the current pregnancy, seeks medical advice. But not everyone does that. Many, especially those who carry the second and subsequent children, are confident in their experience or rely on the fact that everything will pass by itself.

In the case of pink discharge, anxietyIt is necessary to beat already when the volume of them is so great that the replacement of the sanitary napkin occurs every hour. Such a symptom may be one of the first signs of the onset of a spontaneous abortion or evidence of a threat of abortion.

So, quite often brownish-pink discharge,Appearing in the early stages of pregnancy (after 15-16 weeks), may be a sign of a slight detachment of the formed placenta. The brown color is attached directly to the blood. In such cases, hospitalization of the pregnant woman is necessary.

The appearance of yellow-pink discharge in the earlyThe timing of pregnancy can be caused by the presence of infection in the reproductive organs. In this case, it is necessary to conduct a laboratory study that will help to pinpoint the pathogen and prescribe the correct treatment.

Light pink discharge in early pregnancy

During the treatment of such diseases antibacterial drugs are often prescribed, the use of which is unacceptable at the beginning of pregnancy. Therefore, treatment is often delayed until 20-22 weeks.</ P>

Thus, the appearance of pink dischargeIs an occasion to call a doctor. After all, only an expert is able to correctly distinguish the norm from a violation, and prescribe a treatment. At the same time, the pregnant woman should not in any way hope that this phenomenon will disappear on its own. In this case, she jeopardizes the health of not only the future little child, but her own.