Up to what week to drink djufaston

Unfortunately, a frequent phenomenon today isMiscarriage at an early age due to inadequate production of the hormone progesterone. This hormone is responsible for the normal course of pregnancy, as it relaxes the muscles of the uterus and creates favorable conditions for the development of the baby.

With an insufficient amount of this hormoneThere is a threat of miscarriage. And this happens most often in the first, rarely - in the second, trimester, during the period when the placenta is formed during pregnancy. After the placenta is formed, she proceeds to additional progesterone and everything "settles down".

But until this happens, if youDiagnosed progesterone insufficiency, it is necessary to fill this deficiency with artificial, synthetic progesterone. Its source is Dufaston. It is he who is appointed to maintain a pregnancy that is at risk of interruption.

How much to drink Duphaston during pregnancy?

Then, up to what week it is necessary to drink Dyufaston atThreat of miscarriage, should determine your doctor. But if we talk about the generally accepted practice, it is appointed before the onset of a minimum of 12 weeks, sometimes the duration of the course is extended to 16 weeks. And in rare cases - even before the 22nd week of pregnancy, when it is no longer about miscarriage, but about the threat of termination of pregnancy.

Dyufaston should be prescribed only by a doctor. He also determines the scheme and duration of Dufaston's reception. This directly depends on the characteristics of the condition of the pregnant woman and the reasons that led to the threat of miscarriage.

Regardless, to what date you are scheduled to drinkDuphaston, withdrawal and discontinuation of his admission should be smooth. Dosage is reduced day by day. In no case should you throw Dufaston's reception abruptly, as this can lead to bloody discharge and miscarriage.