Sex in early pregnancy

Such a common question as: "Is it possible to have sex at an early pregnancy?", Today there is no unambiguous answer. Many pregnant women are of the opinion that the pregnancy is not the reason for refusing intimacy. Others, on the contrary, believe that pregnancy and sex are incompatible.</ P>

The opinion of doctors is also divided. Some say that sexual intercourse should be completely ruled out until 12 weeks, until the placenta is well fixed on the uterine wall. Others, it is recommended to abstain all 1 trimester. In any case, it is better to consult on this issue with a gynecologist.

When is a pregnant woman not allowed to have sex?

At the beginning of pregnancy, sex for many women can be contraindicated. There can be many reasons for this, in particular:

  • Increased uterine tone (hypertension of the uterus);
  • The presence of miscarriages in the anamnesis;
  • Weak attachment of the placenta to the wall of the uterus (established with ultrasound);
  • risk of miscarriage.
Sex in the first trimester

The frequency of sex, especially at an early stage of the currentPregnancy, is completely determined by the state of health of a woman. In most cases, the pregnant woman is so tired with the manifestations of early toxicosis that her main desire is to fall asleep as soon as possible. Other women, on the contrary, want sex at an early age, in particular - at the very beginning of pregnancy. This is easily explained by the fact that at the present time the sensitivity of women increases, and they get more pleasure from the process than usual.

How often can you have sex in early pregnancy?

It all depends on how the future mother feels and how much she has the strength to do it. Therefore, in this case, the partner can not be persistent.

If a woman herself wants sex, which oftenIs observed at the beginning of pregnancy, a man must do it so that the process does not give her pain. Therefore at this time it is best to avoid such poses, in which there is a deep penetration of the penis into the vagina

Sex at the beginning of pregnancy

("Knee-elbow", "woman on top"). All the partner's movements should be neat, light, gentle. </ P>

So, having sex at an early age, and alsoIts frequency depends solely on the physical and psychological state of the woman. However, do not get too involved, because Every sexual act and the achievement of orgasm by a woman, only increase the tone of the uterus, which can turn into a problem for a pregnant woman. Therefore, a man should be very careful not to harm the health of the future mother and their crumbs.