Early signs of twins

All women are interested in the question - is it possible to determine in the early stages without ultrasound a multiple pregnancy? The answer in each case can be either positive or negative.

In general, all the signs of twins in the early stagesCan be conditionally divided into purely intuitive and scientifically grounded. The first are felt by the woman herself and at times become quite reliable. The second is determined by the doctor at the first examinations.

The first signs of twins, felt the most pregnant

A woman still in the first trimester of pregnancy canWith a certain degree of certainty to assert that she has a twins, if she is tormented by an unusually strong toxicosis. Indeed, this sign sometimes becomes the first harbinger of the birth of twins.

Another sign - early growth (increase)Stomach. However, it should be remembered that in the second and subsequent pregnancies, the stomach in most cases begins to grow earlier and more intensively, even if there is one baby.

Earlier movements of the child that feelsA woman, can also talk about the fact that she wears not one baby. But then again, you need to take into account that with a repeated pregnancy a woman in the overwhelming majority of cases begins to feel shocks earlier than the first pregnancy.

The first signs of a twin pregnancy, determined by a doctor

A doctor at an earlier date can note moreAn intensive increase in the uterus in a woman. What other signs of twins can the doctor determine: if listening to the heart rhythm of a child he hears a different frequency beat in different places, then it can be confidently asserted that there are two hearts beating.

Of course, to confirm the multiplePregnancy is necessary to make ultrasound. This pregnancy requires more careful monitoring by doctors and the woman herself. And also the knowledge of all the peculiarities of bearing twins.