Threat of abortion

At the present stage of human evolutioncommunity, civilization has given us not only its own blessings in the form of comfortable life and facilitation of work, but also negative manifestations of this rapid development. The saturated air of many plants dirty air, far from ideal drinking water, and from all sides enveloping electromagnetic radiation. However, it is pregnant women who are most exposed to all these negative manifestations.

Because of this situation, one of the most frequentdiagnoses, which gynecologists put future mothers, is the threat of termination of pregnancy. It should be noted that in some cases, such a diagnosis is determined at a period of up to twenty-eight weeks, experts raise the question of the risk of spontaneous abortion. When the threat of interruption of pregnancy is diagnosed at a period of twenty-eight to thirty-seven weeks - it is about the danger of premature birth.

Signs of the threat of termination of pregnancy are very often individual, but you can identify some of the most common:

  • the occurrence of pain in the lower back and at the very bottom of the abdomen, cramping or aching nature;
  • increased excitability and increased uterine tone;
  • discharge of bloody and sacred type from the genital tract;
  • the present part of the fetus is low in relation to the entrance to the small pelvis;
  • softening and shortening of the cervical canal.

The main symptoms and methods of treatment of the threat of abortion

In the presence of such symptoms as: hypertension of the uterus, pain in the lower abdomen, or the appearance of bloody discharge, the expectant mother needs immediate consultation of doctors, it will be necessary to pass all the necessary tests and undergo the prescribed course of treatment.

If specialists really werethe threat of abortion is diagnosed, treatment should be symptomatic. In the case of presence of bloody discharge in the first trimester, blood-stopping agents are prescribed. When there are drawing pains or increased tone of the uterus, injections of antispasmodics are prescribed.

In the case of an identified hormonal insufficiencywomen are prescribed drugs that contain progesterone. Usually, such a course is recommended until the sixteenth week of pregnancy, because in later terms a placenta is formed, which produces the necessary hormones. If the threat of termination of pregnancy occurred after the twelfth week, the treatment will include diffuse solutions with magnesium introduced by the drop method. In this case, the uterus relaxes and placental-uterine blood flow improves.

Signs and symptoms of abortion canarise when the woman has various infections. To combat this problem, gynecologists in most cases prescribe antibiotic therapy, but such appointments do not begin until the fourth month, because for the first months of gestation, the development of all components of the fetal organism is carried out. At this time, the use of potent drugs should be extremely limited.

Signs of threat of abortion

So that the threat of termination of pregnancy is not affectedfuture mother, she needs to lead a quiet lifestyle, sleep well and spend more time in a prone state. It is necessary to exclude as much as possible any physical activity and hard homework. It is necessary to note a categorical ban on the conduct of sexual activity. From the correct behavior of the pregnant woman during the fetation of the fetus depends the future life of the child, his health and intellectual abilities. All these tips apply to women who fall into the risk group, while others can lead a normal lifestyle, slightly reducing physical activity.