Threatened miscarriage in the early stages of the symptoms treatment

Pregnancy is a real miracle for a woman,Which dreams of becoming a mother. But during this period the organism becomes even more vulnerable to adverse environmental influences, as well as possible aggravation of existing health problems. Especially great is the threat of miscarriage at the early stages of gestation, so every woman should know about the symptoms and treatment of this condition, which will be most effective.</ P> How to determine a beginning miscarriage in the first half of pregnancy?

Fortunately, the first step is to determineStarting problems with pregnancy is not difficult. Do not neglect the following symptoms that suggest a threat of miscarriage in the early stages of pregnancy:

  1. Drawing pains in the lower abdomen or in the lower back. Sometimes gynecologists associate their appearance withA stretching of the ligament of the uterus, which increases in size, or with problems with the intestines, but a woman should immediately visit a doctor who will make an accurate diagnosis. In this case it is better to really be reinsured, because any discomfort speaks of a possible hypertension of the uterus, which in the absence of proper treatment is quite capable of provoking a miscarriage.
  2. The presence of bloody discharge, both abundant and minor. Signs of an early miscarriage threatBearing baby is considered as heavy bleeding, and small brownish specks on the underwear. Painful sensations are not necessarily present, but this condition necessarily requires control by specialists, most often in a hospital setting. But do not be afraid of premature: sometimes such symptoms are accompanied by the process of implantation of the fetal egg or minor changes in the hormonal background, most likely in the days of possible menstruation.
What is recommended when a pregnancy is threatened?

Even with the most insignificant threat of miscarriageEarly pregnancy, the treatment is appointed immediately. Usually before this, the gynecologist insists on carrying out an ultrasound study, which should confirm the viability of the fetus and determine the degree of danger. If your fears are confirmed, you will most likely be given the following recommendations:

  1. More rest. On home affairs and active sports activitiesWill have to forget: any symptoms that testify in the early stages of pregnancy about the potential threat of miscarriage - these are indications for bed rest and complete exclusion of physical exertion. Sexual life is also excluded, especially up to 12-14 weeks.
  2. To take during a doctor-appointed period certain medications, Which will be indispensable in the threat of miscarriage in the early stages. It:
    • Spasmolytics such as no-shpy, papaverine in candles, baralgina;
    • Hormonal drugs, which can not be avoided with a lack of natural progesterone in the body, - Dufaston and Utrozhestan, which allow to save pregnancy and become the mother of a healthy baby;
    • sedatives - valerian or motherwort;
    • When a threat of miscarriage in the early stages of treatment

      antihemorrhagic drugs (for example, Dicinon), prescribed at the threat of miscarriage in the early stages of pregnancy, successfully stop bleeding;
    • vitamins and trace elements - Magne-B6, folic acid, vitamin E;
    • glucocorticoids that reduce the level of male hormones in the body of a pregnant woman (Metipred, Dexamethasone).
  3. Take advantage of the treasury of traditional medicine. When a threat of miscarriage in the early stages is often helped by such herbs as elecampane, dandelion, flowers and bark of young branches of the viburnum, cuff, yarrow, which are used in the form of broths.