CTR of fetus at 12 weeks

Twelve weeks of pregnancy - significantDate for a woman, since this is the end date of the first trimester. During this period, the placenta produces enough progesterone, and with the extinction of the hormonal function, the yellow body gradually decreases. At this time, the first trimester is screened (from 11 to 13 weeks and 6 days), to identify the risk group for chromosomal abnormalities, and the first ultrasound in pregnancy. Ultrasound at 12 weeks of gestation, fetal development shows very accurately, especially the exponent.

An important measurement that one of theOf primary importance, is the CTE of the fetus at 12 weeks. This indicator is used to determine the size of the fetus and calculate the timing of pregnancy in conjunction with the approximate weight. The coccyx-parietal size of 12 weeks is about 5.3 cm. If the development of the embryo on days passed without complications, and it grew by 1 mm per day, the human embryo 12 weeks accelerates the growth rate to 1.5-2 mm per day. Doctors recommend measuring the CTE of the fetus at 11 or 12 weeks.

It should be borne in mind that the size of the coccygeal-parietalSize depends on the period of pregnancy to within a day, so, the normal error is three to four days. The normal average CTE of the embryo is 51 mm. If there is a slight deviation, do not worry - normal oscillations from 42 to 59 mm are possible.

For comparison, we indicate the CTE of the fetus at 11 weeks: The normal value is 42 mm, the permissible deviations in the norm are 34-50 mm. When comparing these indicators, you can see how important every day is for ultrasound.

Embryo 12 weeks

To future mothers it is certainly interesting - as looks or appears andThat the fruit can in 12 weeks. During ultrasound, the mom can see how her baby sucks her finger, and hear 110-160 beats per minute beating a small heart. The baby actively moves and turns in a fetal bladder, the chest descends and rises during breathing. Also, the fruit already has the ability to squint, open your mouth and wiggle your fingers.

With regard to development indicators, it is worthwhileNote the maturation of the thymus gland, which is responsible for the production of lymphocytes by the body and the development of immunity. The pituitary gland begins to produce hormones that affect fetal growth, body metabolism and the reproductive function of the body. The liver of the embryo begins to produce bile, which will help in the digestion of food. The digestive system is ready to digest glucose.

The fetus of 12 weeks weighs about 9-13 grams, the fetusStretched out and is in a sitting position. The length from the crown to the sacrum is approximately 70-90 mm. The heart of the embryo has four chambers by this time: two atria and two ventricles, and the frequency of contractions varies from 150 to 160 beats per minute. The bone skies begin to form, the rudiments of milk teeth, and in the larynx, vocal cords are formed.

This period of development for boys is especially important. In the process of active action of testosterone, which is produced by the sex glands of boys, the external genital organs begin to form - the penis and the scrotum. In case of violation of this function, hermaphroditism may be observed.

What does Mom feel at 12 weeks of pregnancy?

Embryo 12 weeks

In the normal course of pregnancy and developmentFetus, the pregnant woman should gain from 1.8 to 3.6 kg. The rate of weight gain is between 300 and 400 grams per week. When weight gain is more than normal, it is necessary to reduce the amount of simple carbohydrates (sweets, biscuits, halva, etc.).

Many women are worried about the appearance on this datePigmented spots on the face, neck, chest, and also the appearance of a dark line from the navel to the pubis. However, you should not worry, these are normal manifestations, and they will soon be born again.

The embryo at the age of 12 successfully passed the embryonicThe way of life and after 12 weeks is called the fetus. In this article, the future mother will find a lot of useful information for herself, in order to better know about her future baby.