Fluorography in early pregnancy

Pregnancy for every woman is a special periodLife, in which they are obliged to protect themselves, sleeping, avoiding the use of drugs, spending more time outdoors. Therefore, the question - whether it is possible for pregnant women to undergo a fluorography, in which the body receives a certain dose of X-ray irradiation - remains relevant.

Accidental fluorography in early pregnancy

Often, without knowing about pregnancy, a woman doesFluorography, not knowing that life has already begun in her. Indications for fluorography are suspicion of pneumonia, the risk of tuberculosis and other dangerous diseases, which can only be diagnosed with an X-ray machine. If this happened, the expectant mother should not be particularly worried - it is unlikely that her child will be harmed.

Fluorography in early pregnancy - is it worth it?

Fluorography in the first week of pregnancyIs the same undesirable as fluorography in pregnancy 2 weeks. Doctors believe that the safe period of the X-ray examination is after 20 weeks of pregnancy, after the successful completion of the formation of all vital organs of the fetus. What is the danger of research in the early stages? In the first weeks there is an active division of the fetal cells, therefore it is necessary to refuse even the likelihood of exposure to them.

However, modern technologies allowMaximally secure even the fluorography in the first month of pregnancy. The body receives a minimum dose of radiation, which does not affect the child's body. While irradiation is directed to the chest and impact on the pelvic organs is excluded.

As studies show, fluorography in the early stages of pregnancy is not the cause of miscarriage, but still, if there is no urgent need, the procedure must be abandoned.