Planned uzi during pregnancy

Planned ultrasound during pregnancy areObligatory research for your health and the normal development of your baby. The examination allows you to monitor the fetus's condition, its development, timely identify threats of miscarriage, premature birth, as well as pathology. In total, 3 scheduled ultrasound is prescribed for pregnancy, but the doctor determines the need for examinations, therefore, no matter how many additional procedures and tests you are not assigned, it is worth to carefully consider the opinion of a qualified specialist.

The first planned ultrasound in pregnancy

The examination is considered safe for the fetus, butTo say exactly how ultrasound acts on the embryo, no one can. That is why, before the end of the first trimester, the study tries not to prescribe. There are certain indications in which ultrasound is performed for up to three months, among which: pulling pain in the lower abdomen, the threat of interruption, suspicion of an ectopic pregnancy.

The first planned ultrasound in pregnancy isFor a period of 12 weeks. The examination shows the age of the embryo, the location in the uterus and the level of development of the fetus. The first planned ultrasound during pregnancy makes it possible to identify a large part of the serious pathologies of the fetus.

The second planned ultrasound in pregnancy

The examination is carried out at a period of 20 weeks. At 2 planned ultrasound at pregnancy the doctor can practically with 100% probability to define a sex of the child, to reveal possible deviations in development which have not been noticed during the first inspection. The second ultrasound shows the condition of the placenta, as well as the amount of amniotic fluid.

Comparing the results of the first and second ultrasound, a specialist will be able to determine the pace of development of your baby, to identify or eliminate pathology. After a second ultrasound, if you suspect a

3 planned uzi during pregnancy

Any deviations you can send for consultation to a specialist in genetic diseases. </ P>

Third planned ultrasound in pregnancy

The last survey is conducted on30-32 weeks. The ultrasound shows the development and mobility of the baby, its position in the uterus. If the examination reveals an umbilical cuff or other abnormality, the doctor will prescribe an additional ultrasound before childbirth. As a rule, another survey is conducted in order to determine the type of delivery (caesarean section or natural delivery).