What does the vagina look like

Such an organ of the female reproductive system asVagina, is a muscular-fibrous tube, the length of which on average is 7-12 cm. The upper end of this tube covers the uterine neck, and its lower edge opens with an opening in the vestibule of the vagina.</ P>

In form this organ is slightly curved, hasa small bulge that is facing backward. Normally, the vagina should be placed in relation to the uterus so that their axes are aligned with each other at an angle of more than 90 degrees.

In the upper part of the vagina is somewhat wider than in thethe lower one. The front wall is at its edge to the bottom of the bladder, and is separated from it by a thick layer of loose fiber. The lower wall of the vagina is directly in contact with the urethra. The part of the back wall of the vagina is covered by the peritoneum and lies directly to the rectum, moving away from it gradually in the perineal region.

What are the features of the structure of the vagina?

If we talk about how the vagina looks from the inside, then it must be noted that, in its essence, this organ is some space, bounded on all sides by walls.

The thickness of each wall varies within 3-4Mm. The main feature of this structure is the fact that due to its structure they can stretch, both in length and width. It is necessary, first of all, for the baby to pass almost unhindered through the birth canal. Moreover, the size of the vagina changes and immediately during sexual intercourse.

The color of the mucous membrane of the vaginal walls is normalhas a pale pink color. During fetal gestation, in view of the increased blood supply to the pelvis and this area in particular, a discoloration can occur, and often the vagina acquires a bluish tinge.

What does the vagina look like

How does the vagina look like a virgin?

The girls before the first sexual intercourse have an openingThe vagina is covered with a hymen. This is nothing more than a fold of the vaginal mucosa. However, it does not fully cover the entrance to it. It itself has one or more holes, which are necessary for a monthly, unhindered passage of menstrual blood from the uterus.

It is also worth noting that, as a rule,virgin vagina has a somewhat smaller size than that of women. Its walls are more elastic and not so pliable. That is why quite often during the first intimate connection, the girls experience some painful sensations.

How does the vagina change before and after the birth of the baby?

Having told about how a healthy female vagina looks, we will dwell in more detail on what changes occur with this organ immediately before the appearance of the baby and after delivery.

Thus, with the onset of labor and the emergence ofconstant fights, the vagina of a woman is gradually preparing for the passage of the baby through the birth canal. In particular, it sharply elongates, as if straightening the birth canal. This is achieved through the smoothing of numerous folds. At this time, the length of the vagina before birth can reach 18 cm and it looks like a straight, smooth tube.

What a healthy vagina looks like

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After the appearance of the baby, the process beginsrestoration of the reproductive system of women. In this case, all the organs entering it, gradually begin to return to their previous state. If we talk directly about how the vagina looks after giving birth, then this body, as a rule, is greatly stretched. Walls of it often after passing through the birth canal of the baby are torn, which requires the imposition of special seams. For several weeks, the tissues of the vagina are somewhat swollen and may podkravlivat. That's why after the appearance of the baby a woman is examined daily in a gynecological chair, and in the presence of seams, they are processed.