Small vagina

Quite often, especially young women, by virtue ofTheir uncertainty and sexual inexperience, complex about the size of their reproductive organs, in particular, the vagina. Often, gynecologists at their receptions hear complaints that due to the fact that a woman has a small vagina, her partner does not receive due satisfaction from making love. Let's try to figure out what the size of this body should be in the norm, and what to do in those cases if a woman really has a very small vagina.</ P> What is the size of the vagina in women?

It must be said that in its structure thisThe organ resembles a hollow muscular tube, the length and width of which can vary due to various causes. So it is established that at the time of sexual arousal, as well as in the generic process, the folds of the vagina are smoothed, thus increasing its overall length.

Normally, in the normal state, the length of thisBody is 7-12 cm, increasing at birth to 19 cm! With regard to the width of the vagina, on average, it is in a calm state of 2-3 cm, and when the sexual act can increase to 5-6 cm. When the baby leaves the birth canal, the diameter of this organ fully corresponds to the circumference of the head of the newborn baby.

Why can women have a small vagina?

First of all it is necessary to say aboutIndividual characteristics of the body. In the process of growing up girls, all of its reproductive organs increase in size, including the vagina. So, already closer to the period of puberty (11-13 years) it becomes wider and not so short. However, in view of the impact on the organism of the girl of various external factors, the growth of reproductive organs may be slowed down.

Often, women with a small vagina have problems in the work of the reproductive system. However, this, as a rule, is the reason for the small size of this body, and not the consequence.

Very small vagina

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Also the small size of a vagina at girls canBe due to lack of sexual relations. In most cases, with regular sexual activity, there is a slight increase in the size of this organ.

Thus, it is necessary to say that inIn most cases, doctors are determined why the girl has a small vagina, just can not. In cases where its size interferes with normal sexual life, surgical plasty is performed, which helps to produce both an extension of the entrance and excision of scar tissue (removal of excess connective tissue structures formed, for example, after surgical interventions on the reproductive organs).