What a healthy vagina looks like

In order to react in time to changes,Occurred in the reproductive system, a woman must imagine what a healthy vagina looks like. Let's consider this organ of the reproductive system in more detail.</ P>

What should a healthy vagina look like?

This body is elastic, hollowA muscular tube that originates in the cervical region of the uterus and smoothly passes into the genital cleft. The average length of the vagina in a calm state reaches 7-9 cm. During sexual intercourse, as well as with delivery, the length of the vagina increases, and it can reach 12-16 cm.

The walls of the vagina normally should have a uniformColoring. Most often they are pale pink. However, it should be noted that when carrying a baby they can acquire a cyanotic shade, which is not a violation.

Vaginal walls are densely covered with glands, whichProduce a certain kind of lubricant. It is she who is allocated during sexual intercourse and at the moment of excitation of the girl, contributing to the normal course of the sexual process.

The amount of secreted cervical mucus from a healthy vagina is small. At the same time, it is always transparent, odorless.

Healthy vagina

What changes occur with the vagina with increasing age?

Telling how the vagina looks healthyWomen, it is worth noting that as it grows up, it changes somewhat. With the onset of puberty, this organ becomes longer and broader. Thus, the body prepares to implement the main function of the reproductive system - procreation.

With the appearance of a woman's baby her healthyThe vagina also somewhat changes its appearance. Its walls, as a rule, are strongly stretched. Restoration of the entire reproductive system occurs in 4-6 months.