entrance to the vagina

The entrance to the vagina (vestibule) is aa certain kind of conditional site, which is limited on all sides by anatomical formations that are part of the reproductive system of women. Let's look more closely at its anatomical structure.</ P> What structures are included in the vestibule of the vagina?

In order to imagine what the entrance to the vagina looks like, it is necessary to understand what structures it consists of.

So, in young girls who do not live sexuallylife, on top the vestibule is limited to the hymen. In front of the entrance to the vagina is an anatomical formation, like a clitoris - in its structure resembles a male penis. It is when excited that the girl is experiencing sexual satisfaction.

From both sides from the entrance to the vagina are locatedlarge and small labia. Their immediate role is to limit the penetration of pathogenic microorganisms and pathogens of infectious diseases into the reproductive system. This area of ​​the female reproductive system of the woman is covered with a flat epithelium and is almost always in a moistened state. This is promoted by such anatomical formations as glands, including Bartholin's.

It is also worth noting that the vestibule of the vaginaincludes the urethra, through which the separation of urine occurs. The close location of her with the entrance to the vagina and explains the fact that women quite often face diseases of the excretory system, the occurrence of which is often affected by sexual infections. On the back of the vestibule is a spike of the labia majora.

What violations most often affect the vestibule of the vagina?

Often when examined in a gynecological chairthe girl, the doctor notes that the entrance to the vagina is narrow enough. This means that the small lips are so close to each other that they restrict access to the vagina for inspection. Often, these girls may have problems with sexual activity, however, as a rule, this phenomenon practically disappears after the woman becomes a mother. In some cases, during the birth process, when the narrow vagina prevents the normal exit of the fetus, an episiotomy is performed, suggesting a dissection of the back wall of the vagina and perineum. That's why after the birth the entrance to the vagina has a much larger size.

If we talk about entering the vagina atthe virgin, then, as a rule, it has a somewhat smaller size. It is this fact that partly explains the soreness that takes place at the first sexual intercourse of the girl. Often, a small entrance to the vagina and can interfere with normal sexual life and is the reason for the woman's treatment to the doctor.

In such situations, the only way out of this situation is surgical intervention, which involves excision of the margins of the labia minora, which allows to increase the entrance itself.

what does the entrance to the vagina look like

It is worth noting that it is possible thatthe opposite phenomenon, when the entrance to the vagina is large. However, in this case, no medical intervention is required. On the contrary, the process of delivery in such women proceeds without complications, ruptures of the perineum are very rare.</ P>

Thus, having told about how the input is arrangedin the vagina, it should be noted that this anatomical education plays an important role, and has a direct impact on the sexual life of a woman. In addition, it is very important to observe the hygiene of the external genitalia in order to prevent the development of gynecological diseases.