female sperm

Scientists, physiologists argue that whena woman of orgasm, from her sexual organs stands out "female sperm". By this definition, it is customary to understand a small volume of liquid, not more than 60 ml, which has a slightly whitish shade. Let's try to understand and will dwell in detail on what is included in the female sperm and how it is called.</ P> What is "ejaculate" for women?

According to the physiological features of the structurefemale reproductive system, the allocation of a certain liquid at the end of the sexual act is not provided for by the laws of nature. However, some representatives of the fair sex recorded the appearance of such selections, which made scientists think about what is contained in this same female sperm.

After microscopic examination of the sampleSuch a separation, experts came to the conclusion that its appearance may be due to the presence of several factors at once. That is why several hypotheses are being put forward as to the origin of female sperm.

If we talk specifically about how it looksfemale sperm, then, as a rule, it is a liquid of light white color, slightly unclear, in which traces of the presence of urine are traced. Thus the smell at it or her practically is absent or it is expressed weakly. There is no separate name for this kind of discharge.

What is the origin of female sperm?

Specialists engaged in the study of thisThe phenomenon claims that the probability of occurrence of female ejaculation in the fairer sex reaches 95%. However, in practice it was possible to establish that only about 6% of women can ejaculate, i.e. Isolate the fluid at the end of the sexual intercourse, similar to the sperm in men. It should also be borne in mind that when a small amount of fluids is released, it can not stand out, but enter the bladder, where it leaves with urine. As for the theory of the origin of this phenomenon, the researchers can not agree on a single opinion.

Most physicians, with respect to thisof the question, converges on the assumption that any kind of fluid emitted from a woman's orgasm is associated, first of all, with urinary incontinence. Other representatives of medicine argue that this fluid differs in its properties from that which is released during the process of sexual intercourse (lubrication) and from the urinary tract.

Given these disagreements, to date, there are 4 main theories that explain the origin of female sperm:

  1. This fluid, nothing more than urine, and its release (excretion) is a consequence of incontinence.
  2. Female sperm is a kind of lubricant that is produced in large quantities by the glands of the vagina.
  3. This is a kind of substrate that produces the paraurethral and urethral glands.
  4. Female ejaculate is a product not only of the sex glands, but a mixture of secrets produced by multiple glands of the reproductive organs.

what does female sperm look like

As can be seen, these assumptions havemutually exclusive. However, even by simple logical reflection, it can be assumed that the female "ejaculate" is not a urine or a lubricant, but a separate secret.</ P>

The thing is that such secretions do not resemble urine, either in color or in smell. Moreover, their consistency is much thicker. Thus scientists have established, that it can change with time.

Speaking about whether female sperm is useful, it should be noted that this kind of fluid is a kind of consequence of the woman achieving sexual orgasm and carries no practical significance.