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In vitro fertilization for manywomen is the only way to conceive and endure a healthy child. However, as the statistics show, this procedure does not always end successfully, and after a while after IVF a woman has a monthly period. Let's take a detailed look at this situation, and we will try to find out: what is indicated by spotting after this procedure?</ P>

When do menstruation begin after an unsuccessful IVF?

As is known, menstrual discharge atThere is no normal pregnancy. Therefore, if, after some time after IVF, the abdominal pain hurts, as well as before the menstrual period, and the test for hCG is negative, the procedure was unsuccessful.

As for the immediate term, whenbegin monthly after an unsuccessful IVF, then everything is individual. As you know the procedure itself is preceded by a period of hormone therapy, in order to stimulate the ovaries. Ultimately, this affects the operation of the hormonal system. That's why it takes time to restore it.

Doctors themselves do not usually name specific deadlines,answering the question, when the monthly after IVF come. According to the observations of experienced specialists, most women notice menstrual discharge in the interval of 3-12 days after the procedure. At the same time, on the first day of excretion, ungulates, resemble smear and have a brown color.

What else can the bleeding after IVF show?

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Delay of the monthly after an unsuccessful IVF, asthe rule is the result of a woman's psychological shock (caused by unjustified expectations), as well as the restoration of the functioning of the gonads. If more than 10 days have passed since the procedure (if there is no HCG in the blood) and there are no secretions, it is worthwhile to see a doctor.</ P>

Quite a different situation, when after IVFthe discharge of blood from the vagina in a large volume. This may indicate a uterine bleeding, which is provoked by unsuccessful implantation of the fetal egg. In such cases, the woman needs hospitalization and cleaning of the uterine cavity.