Scanty month and pregnancy

Normally menstruation stops immediately afterConception and is resumed only after childbirth. However, there are times when a woman does not even realize that she is pregnant. Monthly came as usual, but the allocation is meager and proceeds with changes. Suspect pregnancy or other abnormalities only those women who closely follow the course of their cycle. Others will be pleased with the small number of discharges and will not pay attention to it. However, such a sign as a meager monthly can speak either of pregnancy or of hormonal or other abnormalities in the body. In any case, this fact can not be ignored.

Monthly during pregnancy, what are they?

At the onset of pregnancy, profuse menstruationBe, of course, can not. Otherwise, it may indicate a miscarriage in the early term or other diseases. However, somewhere in 15% of women with the onset of pregnancy, the first two to three months can go scanty monthly, much less common. As a rule, these secretions do not contain clots and mucus. Another sign, so to speak, of "safe" menstruation during pregnancy is the complete absence of pain and complete cessation of discharge during the rest period.

Causes of menses during pregnancy

Pregnancy is a complex process, and every organism individually responds to all the changes that occur after fertilization.

There are a number of reasons that can lead to a woman being sure after conception that she has had a period:

  1. After fertilization, the fetus mustAttach to the wall of the uterus. This occurs somewhere around 10-12 days after fertilization, the approximate time of the onset of menstruation. Attached to the endometrium, the fetal egg as it were grows, damaging the layer of the endometrium, which can cause meager secretions of dark brown, less often red.
  2. Another cause of such secretions in pregnancyMay be the presence of a disease, for example, erosion of the cervix, as well as polyps. The aggravation of these and other pelvic diseases occurs as a result of the flow of blood in the small pelvis and general weakening of the body. These diseases can be both infectious and inflammatory.
  3. Monthly also can go, with ectopic pregnancy. In this case, all signs of pregnancy will be present, and the test will give a positive result.
  4. Detachment of the placenta.
  5. Monthly can also go as a result of spontaneous miscarriage.

Abundant months of pregnancy

There are cases when twoFruit eggs. One fertilized egg is rejected, while there are abundant periods after conception. And the second egg is fully attached to the uterine mucosa. In this case, the abundant monthly eggs do not carry any threat to the second fetal egg. But this is more an exception than the rule.

Most of the time, an abundant period in pregnancy is a warning signal, especially if those months are accompanied by painful pains in the lower abdomen that resemble contractions.

Pregnancy test with monthly

Pregnancy test with monthly

If you notice that the monthly is not quite normal,It is possible to conduct a pregnancy test. The test is conducted according to the usual rules. The best time for the test is the morning, after the rise, at this time the greatest concentration of the pregnancy hormone is.

If the test showed a positive result, and whenthis your allocation continues, you need to urgently consult a doctor. In many cases, timely medical care will save you from unwanted miscarriage or from a disease that can also damage your health or the normal course of pregnancy.