Fetal movement at 20 weeks

For the first time on the 20th week of pregnancy, the futureMom feels the fetus stirring. Repeated mums begin to feel the movements of their future baby 2 weeks earlier. This is due to the fact that a woman who is waiting for her first child can not always correctly recognize the new sensations of pregnancy and interpret them as a wiggling of the fetus.

It should not be forgotten that the date of the first movement of the fetus determines the period of expected delivery.

Fetal position at week 20

The position of the fetus is the ratio of the fetal axis to the axis of the uterus. This and other concepts are used by doctors to clarify the intrauterine position of the fetus. The position of the fetus on the 20th week of pregnancy can be different, because The child is still small enough and actively moves inside the uterus, changes its position, but later, at later stages of pregnancy, the establishment of the correct position of the fetus affects the process of childbirth.

At 20 weeks of pregnancy, the size of the abdomen is alreadyLarge enough, and it becomes noticeable. The navel can be flattened. The baby grows, and your abdomen increases with it, mainly due to the increase in the uterus in which it is located. The size of the uterus is normal at the 20th week of pregnancy and continues to grow and retains a rounded shape that forms at the end of the 2nd month of pregnancy and does not change until the end of the second half of pregnancy. At the end of 20 weeks of pregnancy, the uterus bottom is located on 2 transverse fingers below the navel, which also helps to determine the exact duration of pregnancy.

Gestational age of fetus at 20 weekspregnancy and accurate gestational age can be determined by the date of the first heartbeat of the fetus, which is listened to using obstetric stethoscope to pregnant women on the date of the first fetal movements, the size and height of standing uterus, on the date of the last menstrual period, in the stomach volume, the length of the fruit, the size of the head And with the help of SPL.