Monthly during early pregnancy

Every woman should understand that monthlyThe time of pregnancy, even in the early stages, is impossible by definition. For the most part, what they observe at this time is a sign of a violation, and has nothing to do with menstruation, although it sometimes coincides in time.</ P>

Why are menstruation early in pregnancy not the norm?

In order to answer this question, it is sufficient to address the anatomical features of the reproductive system.

As you know, with monthly there is a fullRejection of the inner layer of the uterus, - endometrium. It is his particles that are allocated together with blood from the vagina. Thus, it is easy to guess that such a phenomenon in the presence of pregnancy will lead to rejection of the fetal egg, which after a certain time after fertilization is implanted into the endometrial layer of the uterus.

That's why, about no monthlyA normal pregnancy in the early term can not be out of the question. If the woman, being in a position knowing about this, noticed the discharge, then they are more likely to be associated with bleeding, and are an alarming signal - an occasion to call a doctor.

However, it is not uncommon for early allocationPregnancy are observed immediately before menstruation, which should have been, if conception had not occurred. If it turned out that a pregnancy occurred shortly before menstruation, but the fertilized egg has not yet been implanted into the uterus, it is likely that the hormonal background will not have time to reconstruct, and the monthly ones will come, as usual, on time. About the pregnancy the woman learns only after 1 month. Such discharges, as a rule, do not differ from ordinary ones, except for their duration, which is 1-2 days.

Why can there be "incomprehensible" monthly in the beginning of pregnancy?

Of all the rules there are exceptions, and in some cases it is permissible that at the early term of pregnancy there are monthly. Such phenomena can be connected, first of all, with:

  • A critical drop in the level of hormones (primarily progesterone);
  • Inflammatory disease of the genital organs;
  • Threat of abortion;
  • A violation of the structure of the uterus (doubling, saddle uterus, the presence of uterine fibroids);
  • Ectopic pregnancy.
How to determine the nature of the pregnancy during pregnancy?

Depending on the nature of the precipitates, experiencedGynecologists can determine the cause of the appearance of menstruation in the early stages. So, not very plentiful monthly in the early periods with a seemingly normal pregnancy, may indicate that the fetus is not in the uterine cavity. It is a meager monthly on an early date, one of the first signs of an ectopic pregnancy, in the absence of other symptoms. Also often they are accompanied by the appearance of pain in the side.

In order to determine early,This is a miscarriage or a miscarriage, it is necessary to pay attention to the nature of the secretions. With spontaneous abortion, the amount of blood given out is large, and it has a scarlet color. Over time, the condition of the pregnant woman only worsens. Appears nausea, vomiting, a woman complains of dizziness.

monthly in early pregnancy

Sometimes loss of consciousness can occur.</ P>

Thus, every girl, thinking about that, canwhether to go monthly at the beginning of pregnancy, should understand that this is more a violation than the norm. In those cases where the pregnancy test is positive and the girl has a period of a month, it is necessary to consult with the doctor about this and, if necessary, undergo a prescribed examination. Only in this way will it be possible to identify a possible violation at an early stage and prevent its consequences, the most unfortunate of which is spontaneous miscarriage, which is now not uncommon.