Allocation at pregnancy on late terms

As a rule, physiological discharge in laterThe timing of a normally occurring pregnancy becomes more fluid, watery. This is explained, first of all, by the fact that the pregnancy hormone progesterone predominates. It contributes to the permeability of the vessels and mucous membrane of the vagina, which leads to the appearance of abundant secretions. Normally, these secretions should be transparent, without any impurities. However, this is not always observed. Let's take a closer look at what may indicate a change in their color and consistency at the end of gestation.</ P> What are the causes of brown discharge at the end of pregnancy?

Brown discharge during pregnancy in late terms can be both normal and evidence of the development of violations.

If we talk about when such a phenomenonCan be called the norm, it is, as a rule, already the end of the process of bearing the fetus. So, quite often at the same time, as the mucous plug goes away (10-14 days before delivery), brown discharge from the vagina is observed. Their volume is small, and they are not accompanied by the appearance of soreness.

Also brown discharge in later periodsCan talk about infection of the genital tract, erosion of the uterine neck and other gynecological diseases. Therefore, the appearance of such secretions should be sure to alert the pregnant woman, who must necessarily consult with a doctor about this.

In what cases in late pregnancy can blood develop in the secretions?

Bloody discharge during pregnancy, includingNumber and in its late terms, is not uncommon. More often than this, the appearance of blood at a given time indicates the development of such complications as placental abruption. Quite often, this phenomenon during pregnancy, at its late stages, is accompanied by pink discharge. If this occurs at 36-37 weeks, the pregnant woman is expected to have premature birth. About their imminent beginning is indicated by the softening and opening of the cervix.

What can be the cause of white discharge in late pregnancy?

White discharge during pregnancy lateThe timing is most often a symptom of a disease such as thrush. Such secretions resemble cottage cheese in appearance and are almost always accompanied by burning, itching and discomfort in the genital area.

Brown discharge during late pregnancy

Also, it is worth considering the fact that in the role of whitish secretions in late terms, leaking amniotic fluid can act. Therefore, it is absolutely necessary to consult a doctor.</ P> What can yellow and green discharge indicate during pregnancy?

As a rule, the appearance of yellow, and sometimes greenDischarge during pregnancy at a later date, indicates the presence in the reproductive system of infectious or inflammatory diseases. Most often bright yellow color of discharge is observed with inflammation of the fallopian tubes or ovaries, as well as bacterial infection in the vagina. To accurately diagnose the pathogen without carrying out a smear, in such cases, not do.