How to conceive a twins table

Sometimes during the passage of ultrasound, a pregnant woman is informed that she expects not one but two, and maybe even three, babies. These babies are called twins and are the dream of many women.</ P> What are the twins?

They are identical (monozygotic) andMulti-faceted. The first are born as a result of the division of a fertilized egg. While specialists can not name the exact causes of this phenomenon. The latter are born as a result of the fact that in the body of a woman more than one egg is ripening, which are fertilized by spermatozoa. Multi-egg twins are also called dizygotic, trizygotic, depending on how many children are expected. They are also commonly called twins or triplets. Often they are born as a result of artificial insemination.

How to conceive the twins naturally?

Those women who want to give birth to severalChildren, trying to figure out how you can contribute to this. And if scientists do not give an explanation for the conception of monozygotic twins, then certain factors influence the appearance of twins:

  • Age of mother over 30;
  • Presence in the family of such cases on the maternal line;
  • After exposure to hormonal drugs.

It is also believed that for those who want to conceiveTwins, both boys and girls, it is worth planning a pregnancy for the period of feeding the older child. Explain this by the fact that the chances are rising during lactation.

Some argue that those women whoThink how to conceive twins, should during the period of pregnancy planning eat a large number of dairy products, as well as drink folic acid. Vegetarianism, on the contrary, reduces this probability.

There are different techniques for conceiving twins or toddlers of a certain gender, a table. They indicate the months and days when the chances for the planned increase.

How to conceive twin boys