Thyroid Euthyroidism

Of the several major diseases affectingThyroid, euthyroidism is considered the most innocuous. It is characterized by a normal level of thyrotropic and thyroid hormones. That is, in fact, euthyroidism of the thyroid gland and disease can not be called. And yet this condition is considered dangerous. The thing is that the endocrine system as a whole and the thyroid gland in particular, any changes occurring in the body, suffers quite heavily. Because of this, even the most frivolous disease can contribute to the development of thyroiditis - a problem fraught with more than serious consequences.

The causes of the disease euthyroidism

Summarizing all the above, we can conclude that euthyroidism is a boundary condition in which a person can feel great. But as a rule, such a state does not last long.

The diagnosis of euthyroidism (as, in general, and other diseases of the endocrine system) can be set for a variety of reasons. Here's how the main ones look:

  1. The most common problem is the lack of iodine. Against this background, there is often a proliferation of thyroid tissue, which is fraught with the development of quite unpleasant diseases.
  2. An important role is played by geneticpredisposition. Therefore, if one of your relatives suffers from problems with the endocrine system, you need to watch your thyroid gland with special attention.
  3. To develop euthyroidism of the thyroid gland can and in inflammatory processes in the organ.
  4. Do not forget that the thyroid gland is adversely affected by ultraviolet rays.
  5. Recently, euthyroidism is diagnosed more often due to the fact that people are under constant stress.
  6. Most often, euthyroidism develops in those people who live in adverse environmental conditions.
  7. With special care should be treated various infectious diseases of the nasopharynx. Sometimes euthyroidism and nodular goiter can develop against their background.
  8. It is also not recommended to abuse various antibiotics and hormonal drugs. Their excessive use can well lead to disturbances in the endocrine system.

Symptoms of euthyroidism

One of the main features of all diseasesEndocrine system - for a long time they can be completely asymptomatic. But often at least minor signs of the problem, but there are. They are usually referred to as:

  • Increased nervousness and excitability;
  • Sensation of a coma in the throat;
  • A slight increase in thyroid gland;
  • Difficulty in swallowing food;
  • Dizziness;
  • The appearance of a hoarse;
  • Change voice timbre;
  • Attacks of suffocation;
  • Pain and sensation of heaviness in the head;
  • sore throat.

Treatment of euthyroidism

Because euthyroidism is not a disease, some kind ofIt does not require special treatment. But this does not mean that the problem can be completely neglected. After this diagnosis is made, trips to the endocrinologist should become regular. Every six months the patient will need to take tests that check the level of thyrotropin and thyroid

Disease of euthyroidism

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To treat euthyroidism of the thyroid gland by folk remedies is not recommended, but to support the endocrine system, it is quite possible to apply them:

  1. Favorably affects the thyroid glandFrom the walnut partitions. The glass should be poured with vodka and insisted for a week. Drink the finished medicine is recommended after percolation on a teaspoon three times a day.
  2. Tasty and useful medicine is obtained from aronia.
  3. Helps with problems with thyroid and chicory.