Hormone thyroxine

At you excess weight, a syndrome of constant weariness,low pressure? There is an occasion to do a blood test for hormones. Very often, the cause of poor health is an elevated or lowered level of one of them. For example, the hormone thyroxin is responsible for metabolism, body tone and other important factors.

Functions of the hormone thyroxine

Thyroid hormone thyroxin refers toOne of the two main hormones that the body produces. For brevity, it is sometimes referred to as T4. In addition to thyroxine, the thyroid gland produces 8 more hormones, but their share in the total is only 10%. The rest is accounted for by thyroxine, which has such properties:

  • Regulates the level of blood pressure;
  • Responsible for muscle tone;
  • Increases physical and mental activity;
  • Promotes the absorption of oxygen by the organs;
  • Stimulates thinking;
  • Accelerates metabolism;
  • Increases the number of cardiac systoles;
  • Responsible for the production of the hormone erythropoietin, the formation of red blood cells and the assimilation of proteins.

Many athletes and some womenAdditionally take natural and synthetic analogs of thyroxine, to reduce body weight and increase the daily caloric intake. However, one should take into account that the surplus of thyroxin is as dangerous as its deficiency:

  • Increased sweating;
  • A person becomes irritable and aggressive;
  • There is insomnia;
  • Increased risk of tachycardia and other heart diseases;
  • Bone resorption develops.

How to raise a hormone a thyroxine and whether it is necessary to do or make it?

Before answering this question, we want toTell us about what the consequences of the hormone thyroxin may be lowered. Especially dangerous is the development of hypothyroidism (reducing thyroxine) in infants, it can lead to dementia and cretinism, as well as a general malfunction of almost all body functions. Therefore, children, who at birth had a suspicion of a deficiency of this hormone, approximately on the 4th-5th day of life they take blood for analysis. In adults, hypothyroidism causes such diseases:

  • Reduction of intellectual functions;
  • ischemia;
  • Bradycardia;
  • hypotension;
  • Disruption of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • Decreased reproductive function.

Because thyroxine is a free blood hormone, butMay be in a state associated with proteins, all body systems and the thyroid gland begin to work effectively 2 weeks after the normalization of its level. The hormone hormone thyroxine is not a stable quantity and can fluctuate within several values ​​for each individual.

Since the hormone T4 is different from the otherThe main hormone of the thyroid gland, T3, the presence of an iodine molecule in the composition, the level of thyroxin is directly related to the amount of this trace element in the body and its assimilation. If iodine intake is insufficient, thyroxine decreases. With an overabundance of this substance, a Graves disease develops - evidence of too high a level of thyroxin in

Hormone thyroxine in women

Blood. Naturally, the first step to normalizing the level of thyroxin is the regulation of the balance of micro- and macroelements.</ P>

In the case when food rich in iodine is notInfluenced the development of thyroxine, it is necessary to conduct a medical examination and find out the cause. This should be done by a doctor. He, if necessary, will prescribe thyroxine in tablets. The norm of thyroxine in women is determined after a detailed blood test for the main hormones, after which you can begin an additional reception of one of them. Drugs that are analogs of thyroxine should be used daily and for a long time. This allows you to adjust the hormonal balance.