how to take az

ACC - a medicinal product that rendersMucolytic and expectorant action, helping to remove viscous sputum from the respiratory tract. In addition, the drug helps reduce the toxic effect of toxic substances on the body and has a slight anti-inflammatory effect. The main active substance of the drug is acetylcysteine.

In order for the drug to have a maximumBenefit in treatment and did not have a harmful effect, it should be properly taken, guided by the instruction to the drug and the recommendations of the treating doctor. Consider how to correctly take the drug ACS in the form of powder and tablets (ATSTS 600 Long, ACTS 200, ACTS 100).

Recommendations for taking the drug ATSTS

The drug, regardless of the form of release,It is recommended to take after eating (preferably 1,5 - 2 hours after meals). As a rule, ATSC for adult patients is prescribed in a dosage of 200 mg twice-thrice a day or in the amount of 600 mg once a day.

Powder (granules) for the preparation of a solution must be dissolved immediately before use in pure water, juice or cool tea, thoroughly mixing.

Powder for the preparation of hot medicinalDrink should be dissolved in a glass of hot water and drink before cooling down. If necessary, the prepared solution can be stored no more than 3 hours before the time of reception.

Effervescent tablets ATSTS it is necessary to dissolve in half a glass of unheated water and it is desirable to take immediately after dissolution. Do not dissolve in one container ATSTS and other medicines.

It should be taken into account that additional fluid intake enhances the effect of the drug. And here to lower efficiency and

How many days to take az

Lead to the development of adverse reactions can be simultaneous reception of such drugs:</ P>
  • Activated carbon;
  • antitussives (stasis stagnation is possible due to arresting the cough reflex);
  • nitroglycerin (possibly increasing vasoconstrictor effect of nitroglycerin);
  • Antibiotics (reduces the absorption of penicillins, tetracycline, cephalosporins, etc.).

How many days can I take ACTS?

On average, the duration of drug therapyATSTS is from 5 to 7 days. In severe cases, with chronic pathologies of the respiratory system (bronchitis, tracheitis), the course of treatment can be extended, which is determined individually by the attending physician. Too long reception of a preparation can lead to infringement of natural processes of self-cleaning of bronchial tubes.