Cutting ladder with bangs

Cut "ladder" got its name fromWay of execution - the front hairstyle effectively frames the face with locks of different lengths. At the same time, the strands smoothly and easily pass one into the other, which creates an additional volume on any hair.

To perform cutting the ladder used differentTechniques. But most often at first set the length of the hairstyle in the parietal area, and then pull and cut at the appropriate level of the lower strands. At the next stage, the hair is combed by vertical partitions and creates a smoother transition of lengths. Steps can be formed not the whole hairstyle, but only part of it - bangs stairs or side cuts.

Grooming stairs with bangs - a versatile hairstyle

Cutting ladder with bangs is always relevant andIs a universal hairdress for owners of hair of various types. Another significant advantage in favor of this haircut is the ability to visually correct the imperfections of the face. That's why she enjoys such popularity among women, because a skillful master can really create miracles and completely transform your image.

The hairstyle of the ladder with the bangs looks great onLong, medium and short hair. It suits even for curly hair, but they will have to straighten when laying. Thin hair will acquire the necessary volume, and thick, harder will become more obedient, it will be easier to fit thanks to the haircut.

Another advantage of this hairstyle is a wide choice of various options for bangs. When choosing a bang, the important thing is the shape of the face and the type of figure.

Straight stitch straightening - classicOption. But better this haircut will look on dense from nature hair. For thin hair, the variation of the staircase cutting with the oblique bangs or combed on the side is more suitable. A straight fringe is optimally suited for the oblong type of face, and oblique - for round, square and triangular.

Hair care and styling

Care for such a haircut requires specialDaily attention. It is important to always monitor the condition of the tips of hair and prevent their cross-section. For this, periodically it is necessary to give the hair a healing-regenerative nutrition with the help of various masks and hair oils. It is also rational to choose a haircut with hot scissors, which allows you not to worry about half a year about the tips of the tips.

For styling, the ladder with bangs is usedHairdryer and brashing or a more convenient option - hairdryer. Again, since this is a hot styling, it is advisable to use thermal hair protectors. To fix the folded locks, do not forget to use the cold air supply function. To create curls on long hair, you can use a curd bar or traditional hair curlers. By the way, it's very original and exquisite to look a haircut ladder with curled locks and straight bangs.

Another version of the styling, but it is quite laborious, - this straightening hair ironing. To do this, pull the hair down and straighten the strand behind the strand.

Can be used when laying the haircut ladder withBangs various accessories - barrettes, rims, bandages. This method is ideal when there is little time for packing. Long hair can be tied in an elegant tail, firing and, if desired, twirling a few strands. The bangs can be gathered on one side and be stabbed with the original barrette, or make a light hair and stab with invisibility, taking them back.

In addition, hair styling usually requires mousse, lacquer, a spray to give a lively shine, as well as a wax or gel to separate individual strands.


step ladder

slanting bangs with a ladder



ladder with straight bangs

Cutting the ladder with the oblique bangs

ladder with a bang on the side

straightening a ladder with a straight bang