hairstyles with bangs

The appearance of a woman can radically change,refresh and improve even a small detail. Often this nuance becomes a bang, it is able to hide the imperfections of the face, adjust its shape and make the image unique. Correctly selected element of the hairstyle will help visually to give it a density, volume and splendor.

How to style your hair with a bang?

The choice of laying is based on several important principles:

  1. The haircut and style perfectly fit the shape of the face, bringing it closer to the right oval, smoothing and softening its defects.
  2. The front strand is well washed, dried and straightened with an iron. An exception is any hair styling with a bang, suggesting a curl of the total mass of curls.
  3. Means for fixing well hold the shape and volume of strands, but do not glue them.

Selecting an individual style, you needTo ensure the harmony of the whole hairstyle with bangs. If the styling is strict, elegant and restrained, there is no place in it for "torn" or chaotically protruding details. Framing for unusual and avant-garde haircuts should be similar - hooliganistic and daring. When creating a romantic image with an emphasis on natural beauty, it is important not to overdo it with fixing means, it is better to give preference to natural styling and weaving.

Hairstyles for long hair with bangs

Streams below the shoulders are formed with the following types of anterior strands:

  • straight and dense (above, at the level and below the eyebrows);
  • Arch;
  • Oblique;
  • Long.

Hairstyles for long hair with bangs 1

Hairstyles for long hair with bangs 2

Hairstyles for long hair with bangs 3

The latter type can be stacked on one side orTo divide into two parts by parting. This detail is universal, because it is easy to hide in the bulk of the curls, braid in a braid, twist into a tourniquet or simply stab. It looks nice to lay on long hair with a bang, previously combed and collected up in the form of a tuft. It visually lengthens the face and makes it more elegant, especially in combination with large curls or waves.

Strand, trimmed on the scythe, perfect shapeGraduated haircuts - cascade and ladder. Such an element distinguishes neat transitions, emphasizes the splendor and lightness of the hair. Layered hairstyles with a bang can be stacked in different ways: straighten with an iron, wind on a curling rod and curlers, create soft waves or simply collect curls in a bun.

If the cut element in question is straight oris made in the form of an arch, hairdressers are advised to wear it with even or slightly twisted locks. Classical and arc-shaped detail advantageously corrects the shape of the face, brings it closer to the ideal oval. She can act as a decorating nuance, when the curls are gathered in the evening high hairstyle.

Styling on medium hair with bangs

Haircuts to the shoulder line are often made outdescribed element, especially the square and an elongated bean. In addition to the above-mentioned species, such hairstyles use torn, short, figured (geometric) and asymmetrical or avant-garde upper strands. Each type of part is designed to correct various forms of the face or its small defects, emphasizing the uniqueness of the image.

Hairstyle for medium length hair with a bang can be in several versions:

  • Straightened strands;
  • curls or waves;
  • Weaving;
  • randomness;
  • different tails (high, low, side, and others);
  • "Malvinka".

For solemn occasions and festive events, high evening hairstyles for medium hair with a bangs will suit:

  • Beam;
  • "shell";
  • bow;
  • the French braid;
  • "Roll";
  • retro;
  • Greek weaving.

Styling on medium hair with bangs 1

Styling on medium hair with bangs 2

Styling on medium hair with bangs 3

Hairstyles for short hair with bangs

Lovers of boyish haircuts stylistsrecommend the simplest options. The front strand can be placed with "needles", lifted upwards or randomly distributed in different directions. Such methods look well on ultrashort hairstyles with a bang when it is approximately the same length as the main mass of curls. These include a page, a hanson, a pixie and a gavrosh.

For model haircuts (bean, shortened square,asymmetry) of decoration methods more. In this situation, the front strand may be longer than the rest of the locks, reaching the line of the lower jaw. The most successful laying on short hair with a bang of this type - alignment ironing. The considered element of a hairstyle will underline its grading and will allocate layers.

Hairstyles for short hair with bangs 1

Hairstyles for short hair with bangs 2

Hairstyles for short hair with bangs 3

Hairstyles for every day with a bangs

Uncomplicated styling to visit work,Shopping trips and short walks: tail, sloppy or half-bunch, different weaving. Everyday beautiful hairdresses with a bangs to do easily, the only thing to take care of is the appearance of the framing detail. It is advisable to straighten it or pull it out with a hairdryer, but if time is not enough, you can hide the lock with accessories:

  • pin;
  • scarfs;
  • rims;
  • bandages;
  • rubber bands;
  • Invisible.

Hairstyles with a long bangs

Elements below the level of the pupil can be stackedany desired and suitable ways. Medium and elongated hairstyles with bangs look beautiful, if you pull it out with a hair dryer in the form of an arc, turning the ends inside during the drying process. This visually makes the face shape oval, helps hide the wide and sharp cheekbones, large cheeks. Other fashionable hairstyles with bangs:

  • Retro waves;
  • Lateral parting;
  • division into two halves;
  • naches on the top with a "tuft";
  • "Spikelets";
  • the French braid;
  • weaving the opposite;
  • plaits;
  • thin pigtails.

Hairstyles with long bangs 1

Hairstyles with long bangs 2

Hairstyles with a long bang 3

Hairstyles with a short bangs

If the element is above the eyebrows, its variantsformation is not much. The easiest thing is to straighten the front strand with an iron. This will give the hair geometricity, they neatly outline the lines of the face. Look good laid in this way, long and medium curls, but the focus will be the detail of the haircut. It is combined only with smooth and wavy locks, curls look too contrast. Short hairstyles with a straight bang can be laid chaotically, rastrepyvaya her fingers in different directions. Naughty negligence adds the image of youth and mischief, rejuvenates the woman.

Hairstyles with a short bang 1

Hairstyles with short bangs 2

Hairstyles with a short bang 3

Hairstyles with a fringe bangs

Layered strand, trimmed diagonally -A classic element of the cascade, graded square, ladder and bean. Such hairstyles with a bang on the side are characterized by lightness and airiness, strands are constantly in a dynamic movement. To emphasize the plasticity of the haircuts in question, it is necessary to make the appropriate styling: to comb, raise and twist the bangs. The detail of the hairstyle should be as voluminous and movable as the main part of the hair. It should be made out still wet with the help of a hair dryer and a light foam for fixation.

Hairstyles with oblique bangs 1

Hairstyles with oblique bangs 2

Hairstyles with a fringe bang 3

Evening hairstyles with bangs

The method of decorating a strand for celebrations depends on the length and type of the main styling. If the bangs are long or oblique, hairdressers advise the following options:

  • Coats on the crown;
  • curling in large curls;
  • twisting the ends outwards or inwards;
  • Original weaving;
  • Twisting;
  • Straightening with laying on the side.

Festive hairstyles with a bang of medium length can beperform in the above techniques or choose an easier way - carefully straighten and securely fix the hair. Beautifully look solemn styling with a smooth and thick bangs:

  • "shell";
  • A three-dimensional beam;
  • lush overcoat on the back of the head;
  • retro wave.

Evening laying with a short fringe is not much different from everyday variations, to give them festivity and elegance is possible through beautiful accessories and decorating elements:

  • Small sparkling hairpins;
  • sequins;
  • Feathers;
  • rims;
  • satin ribbons and other ornaments.

Evening hairstyles with bangs 1

Evening hairstyles with bangs 2

Evening hairstyles with bangs 3