Short cheek with bangs

Strict straight or slightly oval lines,Elegant extravagance, Hollywood chic - so you can describe a short square. This haircut looks great on perfectly straight and smooth hair, especially saturated colors. A short square with a bang is one of the best hairstyles for correcting facial features, you just need to correctly choose the length and shape of the bangs.

Short square with a bang for a round and square face

The haircut in question has a length up to the lineCorners of the lips. As a rule, the hair is laid in a semicircle, slightly bending inwards. Thus, with the help of the quads, an ideal oval is created, allowing you to hide the wide cheekbones, large cheeks, rectangular or square shape of the face.

The bang helps to strengthen the described effect, especiallyIt is relevant in the presence of a high forehead. A straight and dense (blunt, even cut) fringe will fit well up to or just below the eyebrow line. If the forehead is low, you can slightly raise its level, but not more than 1-2 cm.

Also perfectly combined with a short square with a longOblique bangs. This haircut helps not only to soften facial features, adjust its shape and structure, but also hide the fullness. Clear lines of the hairstyle, on the one hand, create an ideal oval, on the other - visually thin the neck. It is very important that the bangs do not have too short strands (above the brow growth line), it should cover about a third of the forehead and a quarter of the cheek with oblique cuts.

How to lay a short square with a bangs?

The best way to lay it - carefully straighten itHair ironing along the entire length. Closer to the bottom, you can slightly twist the ends inside. In rare cases, with the shape of a face close to an oval, the quads with the ends twisted outwards are interesting and unusual. The hairstyle looks playfully and in its own way romantic.

In order to protect strands from harmfulInfluence of high temperatures, it is recommended to use special styling means. It is advisable to choose cosmetics that give extra shine and volume, if needed.

Short haired hairstyles with bangs

Because of the short curls of hair stylesnot so much. You can wind hair on large curlers, adding an image of naive coquetry. Also look good variety of styling with accessories - invisible, shiny bright hairpins, hoops, wide scarves, ribbons. Especially they will be useful, if there is a need to maximally open the face and hide the bangs.

Short square with oblique bangs 1

Short square with oblique bangs 2

Short square with oblique bangs 3

Short square with oblique bangs 4

Short square with oblique bangs 5

Short square with oblique bangs 6

Short square with a fringe bang 7

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