Haircuts with bangs

Such an important element of the hairdo, like a bang,Attracts attention in the first place, since it frames the face in close proximity to the eyes. Therefore, its creation and styling requires some responsibility. Chelka, perhaps, is suitable for all the fair sex, exceptions can be made only by those who have too low a forehead. But even in this case a skillfully executed haircut with a fringe bang will cover up this lack.

Hairstyles with a bang on short hair

Short haircuts are often accompanied by shortBangs, which you can lay, lifting up, ruffled or combed on the forehead. Short bangs - an excellent option for those who want to visually refresh and rejuvenate the face, as well as perfectly combined with a sporty way.

Some haircuts on short hair (for example, a page, a short square) are performed in such a way that the bangs are an extension of the general line. In this case, the hairdo can be given a magnificent view from above.

Today, youth haircuts are popular, in whichThe upper strands are long and thick, and the back of the head is very short. In these haircuts, the bangs are thick and begin near the top of the head. It allows several styling options. For example, a graduated long bang can be dropped on the eyes or smoothed, dividing the hair into a side part, which allows you to get a slanting bang opening a part of the forehead.

Asymmetrical bangs with crossed outBlunt lines of cut, stepped bangs look effectively on short smooth hair, but it should be borne in mind that they require careful laying and care of the hair to maintain a flawless appearance.

Haircuts for medium hair with bangs

Trendy middle hairstyle lengthened squareSuggests a combination with a bang that can be made in the classical version, symmetrically extending at the sides. Also in this haircut, the bangs can have a smooth cut and be as long as the eyelash.

In haircuts with strands of different lengths, a thicker oblique bang or a traditional straight line is more often performed. Haircuts with a graduation along the face contour are perfectly combined with a straight, high starting bang.

Straight bangs on medium hair organically complement extravagant haircuts, in which thin strands of hair hang over the bang line.

Optimally fits into the haircut on the hairMedium round, or arcuate, bangs, with which you can smooth out a few, harmonize facial features. Perfectly this kind of bangs is combined with classic variants of quads and beans, as well as their graded varieties.

Haircuts with bangs on long hair

Owners of long hair can drasticallychange the image by adding it with a bang. With straight or curly long hair, the classic smooth bangs perfectly match. By the way, it will look good and when creating different hairstyles with weaving or with hair gathered on the back of the head.

If the long hair is a little twisted, it will be greatto look very dense long oblique bangs, smoothly passing in a hairstyle. It is also possible that the bangs fall into two unequal strands. Long haircuts are easily combined with the bangs, which are part of the hairstyle. In this case, the bang allows you to keep a clear contour of the face with the collected hair.

Long hair looks impressive with a short thick bang, reaching to the middle of the forehead or oblique bangs, slightly opening the forehead and not dependent on the entire haircut.

A few tips for choosing a bang, regardless of the type of haircut:

  • women of short stature do not fit thick and lush bangs;
  • owners of high growth or large physique should not choose thin and short bangs;
  • for fine hair, a fringe from the top of the head is perfect;
  • those with hair curling should create light, not too short slanting bangs;
  • A thick bang is suitable for a narrow face, and for a round one - a tapered torn.

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