Short haircut with long bangs

Haircuts with long bangs are increasingly trying on Hollywood stars themselves, and so these boyish patterns become a trend.

Today in fashion, the boundaries between male and femaleStyles are slightly erased - in men's collections, effeminate glasses, soft sweaters, in women's collections - strict men's briefcases, leather pants and overture jackets. This trend could not help spreading to the hairstyle, and so today we will find out which short-haired options with a long bang fit different types and shapes of the face.

To whom are women's haircuts with a long bangs?

Advantages and disadvantages of short haircutsObvious: on the one hand, they open the collarbone, lengthen the neck visually and the woman looks more elegant. On the other hand, such a haircut allows for a minimal variety in the hairstyle.

Today, a short haircut with a long bang has a characteristic coloration - it's either a monophonic, dark color, or an ombre on a bang.

Pixie haircut with a long straight bangs

A straight fringe is suitable for those with a small neat nose and wide lower cheekbones. Do not wear a straight bang in a natural position - comb it on its side and twist it into large waves.

This hairstyle suits girls with a square face, because visually "balances" the proportions between the lower and upper parts of the face.

Haircuts with a long oblique bangs

A long and slanting fringe fits girls withDiamond-shaped face shape, and also round. By itself, a short haircut visually lengthens the face, and in combination with the oblique bangs, the effect doubles. If you add to this a special coloration with the drawing of the color, it will be possible to make the face even longer and longer.

A straight fringe is rarely twisted due to the presence of short strands. It is enough to dry the hair with a hairdryer and put the bangs in a natural position on one side.

Haircut with long bangs and a short nape

A short neck in a haircut can affordGirls with the ideal form of the skull and face: a small nose, a straight chin, a classical length of the face, cheekbones of average severity. This is the minimum set for a similar haircut, and naturally, it fits girls with a rectangular shape of the face.

A short neck in the profile visually can lengthen the nose, and therefore it is worth to weigh all the pros and cons before deciding on a similar haircut.

Haircut bob with long bangs

This is the most feminine version of the short hairstyle, andThe most optimal for girls who consider their nose big or long. The raised neck compensates for the disturbed harmony of proportions of the chin and nose in the profile, and this is a great advantage of such a haircut.

She looks pretty feminine, and at the same time stylish, and also allows you to make some variants of different hairstyles - to wind and stab hair.

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