Female tattoos on the leg

In ancient Europe, tattooing was commonalmost all tribes and peoples. With the advent of Christianity, this art began to be ruthlessly exterminated, and returned only in the 18th century thanks to James Cook. But, until our time, tattooing had to go through a difficult path to overcome prejudice and become a full-fledged form of art. Initially, the Europeans tattoo became popular among actors and circus performers who were not respected by elite sections of society. Even more recently, being an actor was considered an unworthy occupation. For example, the famous writer and actor Moliere had to abandon the wealth and position in society to devote his life to the theater. But already in the 20th century, with the development of the film industry, the attitude towards show business figures is radically changing. Now tattoos on their bodies cease to be considered a public brand, but on the contrary become a sign of freedom and a bright individuality. This mainly concerned women's tattoos, as the male tattoo was popular not only among circus figures, but also among representatives of other professions. For a long time, female tattoos were associated with prostitution, but gradually this stereotype also lost its relevance. Until recently, having decided on a tattoo, women chose very small drawings that could easily be hidden under clothes. Today, a tattoo on the body of a woman is an ordinary phenomenon and no one is surprised.

Female tattoos on the leg use a smallerpopularity, than on the back, shoulders, neck. In general, small drawings are applied to the feet and ankles. Many simply do not want to attract excessive attention to their feet. Those who prefer to apply tattoos to the upper part of their legs usually have expressiveness and freedom from stereotypes. Subjects for such tattoos can be very diverse.

Tattoos in style Tribal - ornaments of different nations of the world. The most common are Celtic, African, Australian, Polynesian, Indian, Aztec ornaments. Also the master can make for you the stylized art ornament in ethnic style. For female tattoo on the leg fancy pattern is the most relevant, because it canit is advantageous to emphasize or to give harmony and elegance. Ornament can be located and a bracelet around the ankle or along the entire length of the leg. Small female tattoos on the leg usually come in the form of hieroglyphs, insects, flowers, inscriptions. In addition to decorating, they can be a totem or a symbol.

Fairy - one of the modern trends, very successfulsuitable for female tattoo on the leg. Fairey style is magical, fairy creatures - fairies, elves, pixies, mermaids, trolls, gnomes. Each of them is endowed with magic power and has its own character, and at times, quite unkind. Sometimes girls make whole plot pictures on a magical theme, and sometimes prefer small female tattoos in the form of an elf or fairy on the leg. Such a "pet" brings happiness, luck, luck, protects from ill-wishers.

Female little tattoos on the leg

If you want to get an elegant femaletattoo on your leg, then be sure to consider the dynamics of the picture, otherwise it may turn out that when moving your tattoo will be modified. An experienced master can think of such a sketch for a tattoo, in which movement will only play a positive role.

Looking through the sketches of tattoos on my leg, photoWomen's tattoos you can find a picture you like, the meaning of which you do not understand. Do not be discouraged - you can give your tattoo power and meaning (of course, if it's not ancient magic signs). As they say, as you call the boat - so it will float. So let the tattoos not only decorate your legs, but also take care of you.