Tattoo on thigh

Girls always try to emphasize their beautyAnd individuality. One such method is a tattoo, which you can decorate your hands, back, stomach and other body parts. Very beautiful looks like a tattoo on the hip, which can be either very small or take up the whole leg.

Tattoos for girls on the thigh

If you carefully read the various images that girls can fill, then we can say that the trend is the following female tattoo on the thigh:

  • Inscriptions and hieroglyphs;
  • Cats;
  • Panthers;
  • birds;
  • Flowers;
  • Butterflies;
  • Bows.

Very stylish looks Chinese dragon on his hip,The tattoo can be either colored or black and white. There are several values ​​of the image of the dragon in color. So the black dragon means respect for parents, and the red speaks of love, passion and hostility. Gold color symbolizes wisdom and kindness. Therefore, it is very important to carefully choose the color of the tattoo.

For girls who love to flirt, like the image of a gun behind the garter, which speaks of the sexuality and adventurism of its owner.

Popular were the images of stars and constellations on the body, as well as small birds that emerge from an image.

There is a mass of beautiful images thatCan be laconic and simple, intricate and ornate, keep a secret meaning or simply symbolize the ease and simplicity. The choice depends on the tastes and preferences of the girl. To date, you can meet the fair sex, the body of which completely covers bright colorful tattoos. In this way they reflect their inner world and emphasize the beauty of the body.

Disadvantages and features of tattoos on the thigh

Of course, a beautiful tattoo can expressThe internal state of its possessor and emphasize its individuality. But everything can change and after a while the meaning of the drawing will no longer be of such importance to the girl. Then there is a desire to remove it or fill the other image. If there is such a probability or the girl would not like to go all her life with one pattern, there is the opportunity to fill her with henna. Such temporary tattoos stay on the body from one week to several months.

Female tattoo on the thigh may eventuallyStretch and modify. This is due to the fact that the skin in these places is subject not only to age-related changes. Hips are usually the first to grow stout or, conversely, sagging with rapid weight loss. Therefore, to prevent such trouble, it is better to choose small drawings that can be deformed least of all.

To the disadvantages of the procedure for applying the tattoo on the thighGirls can be attributed elevated pain threshold. The skin in these places is too sensitive, and especially it touches the inside of the thigh. So think carefully about where and what size you want to draw a picture.

How to prepare for tattooing?

No self-respecting tattoo artist will take on his business if the client:

  • is in a state of intoxication;
  • with temperature;
  • with poor health;
  • with low or high pressure.

Before coming to the salon, you need to prepare for the procedure. For this it is important:

  1. Get rid of the vegetation in the place of drawing.
  2. Check the integrity of the skin, as if there are small scratches and wounds, in the places of the alleged tattoo, the master will not be able to work.
  3. Before the procedure, you should not drink coffee or other energy drinks.

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