tattoos on the shoulder

Very often people tend to decorate their hands,because they are easier to bare, so that's where tattoos are made, especially on the shoulder. Women who want to attract attention or show their strength, this is the most in demand.

Why on the shoulder?

The shoulder has several important advantages, which play an unimportant role in the selection of the drawing area.

Advantages of the location of the tattoo on the shoulder:

  • easy execution;
  • You can do any size;
  • the ability to create a 3D image;
  • You can go to the back or chest, if you plan to draw a larger size.
  • the widest and most even area of ​​skin on the arm, so the tattoo is very neat and smooth;
  • the least deformation with time;
  • it is easy to hide from others or, conversely, to demonstrate;
  • low sensitivity.

That it was nice to look at the tattoos onfemale shoulder, the choice of drawing should be taken responsibly, because it must be chosen so that then do not regret it and do not resort to the procedure of excretion.

Most popular tattoos on the shoulder for girls


Very beautiful female tattoos on the shoulderare obtained using flowers or flowering branches. Most often do roses, lilies and orchids. Such drawings look good in color, then you can achieve maximum realism.

A heart

Virtually all women are sentimental, and ina burst of love or intense suffering, are ready to communicate their feelings to the whole world. The result of such impulses are tattoos with various variations of the use of the heart shape: with the names of a loved one in the middle, flowing with tears, with wings pierced by arrows or broken pomos.


Here the fantasy of a woman is not limited by anything. Most often choose that living being that will symbolize the character. Often asked to depict predators from the cat family (especially the panther), butterflies, ladybirds, snake, dolphins and birds, especially the owl, the swallow, the hummingbird. They like to use the image of mythical creatures: dragons, unicorns or birds of paradise.


There are tattoos on the shoulder that relate togroup of unisex, is an abstraction. Usually in the salon where tattoos are made, there are special catalogs of drawings that do not have a definite value, where it is possible to choose what you like.


Very popular are simple andvery ornaments of different peoples, located in the band (covering the whole hand), circle, diamond or square. Often you can see a tattoo on your shoulder with Celtic patterns. These are complex interlacing, similar to spirals or labyrinths, having a certain value.

Celestial bodies

Tattooed on the shoulder can represent celestial bodies: the sun, planets, stars or the moon. They can be used both singly and in composition with something else.


Rarely, but still there are those who want to put a person's face on their shoulder, or even some specific plot involving people.

The words

It is becoming increasingly popular to capturethe body of someone's clever and famous sayings, or names that are of particular importance to the person who is being tattooed. Most often for inscriptions is used beautiful italics, Latin or hieroglyphics. Important dates can also be recorded. For example, the birth date of her children and their names will be indicated on the mother's body.

So that you do not choose as the picture for yourtattoos on the shoulder, remember that a lot does not mean beautiful, so before the procedure of applying the paint, make a sketch of the future tattoo on the skin and see how it will look on your body.

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