Tattoo designs

Stress your individuality and raiseMany girls try to self-esteem with the help of a tattoo pattern. But sometimes the meaning of carefully selected images is understandable only to the owner of this masterpiece.

Patterns of tattoos can be applied to any areaBody. Limitations of fantasy in this, no, so the pictures can be found on the hands, wrist, legs, neck, elbows, hips, back, shoulders and even in intimate places. If you already decided to make a tattoo, you need to carefully approach the issue of choosing a pattern.

Tattoos - Slavic patterns

Choosing for tattoos Slavic patterns, girlsThus show their attitude to spiritual or mystical life. As you know, in the ancient Slavs used in the early symbols of the crosses, spirals, dots, lines, rhombuses, squares, and later the preference was given to garlands, plant decorations. All this boiled down to a symbol of fertility.

Over time, these ornaments made a noteMysticism, using images of mermaids, birds, talismans from evil spirits, lions, dragons. It happened that tattoos of Slavic patterns were accepted to be handed down by inheritance. If a close relative depicted on the body a certain ornament, then as an amulet he was painted on the skin of his daughter or son. Thus, all these Slavic patterns have passed into modern female tattoos.

Tattoos - patterns on the shoulder or arm

Now, it is not customary to hide the patterns of tattoosClothes. Try to provide this masterpiece for everyone to see. Therefore, the best place for a tattoo to be visible to others is the placement of a pattern on the shoulder or arm.

Many people think that this drawing affects fate, career, family and is able to change the future. But you can also hide a scar on the body or a trace of a burn.

Girls prefer openwork patternsFor tattoos. The gentle intertwining of the lines makes the picture feminine and personifies the fragility of the character. These patterns for tattoos can look beautiful not only on the hand, but also on the shoulder. For example, it can be a drawn treble clef or an infinity sign.

Among female tattoos, patterns in the form of abstractions are also popular. Intricate patterns of different shapes, interlacing of lines or geometric figures will complement the image of a female vamp.

If you decide to make a tattoo and choseA suitable design, then the procedure itself entrusts the professional and qualified specialist. After all, then errors in the figure will be virtually impossible to fix.

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