tattoo crown on the wrist

Tattooing is quite a popular method amongyouth, who wants to stand out from the gray crowd, show their individuality by applying to different parts of the body images. To look brighter, the body is decorated with flowers, skulls, images of animals and people. Quite an interesting option is a tattoo crown on the wrist, which looks very nice on the girls. Before deciding on the choice of a tattoo, it is necessary to understand its meaning, in order not to regret the chosen figure in the future.

What does the crown tattoo mean on the wrist?

This image is very specialsymbolism. Throughout the world, the crown speaks of belonging to a high family, of the power and might of its master. In some cultures, the king is a divine being. Thus, the tattooed crown in the wrist does not necessarily mean a high status in society, but it indicates a desire for leadership.

Often, adding a number of other patterns completely changes the overall value of the tattoo. For example:

  1. If you draw a heart around, then this will indicate the permanence of the owner of the tattoo.
  2. The crown, located on the turtle's head, speaks of longevity and calm life.
  3. The image of a lion with a crown on his head is a sign of power.
  4. Decoration with skulls and diamonds speaks of a desire for wealth.

This pattern is most often preferredThe fair sex. After all, the little crown looks very nice and neat. The value of the tattoo with the crown pattern of the girl on her wrist is special. All the ladies in the soul of the princess, and because of the tattoo they want to show their uniqueness, grandeur and the importance of their own person. In addition, the crown can talk about control over emotions and a high level of self-organization.

Quite often, young people combine together with such a picture different inscriptions:

  • philosophical maxims;
  • names of dear people;
  • words from the songs.

Having shown a little creative ability, you can create a unique picture, giving it the necessary value.

Examples of Crowned Wrist Tattoo for Girls

The main role of tattoos is to decorate itowner, emphasize femininity, focus on a fine brush. Therefore, often these images are applied together with hearts, flowers, birds and asterisks.

They enjoy high popularity and tattoo,placed on the wrist, in the form of a crown, which is usually combined with letters or numbers. They can be initials, as well as numbers associated with important dates.

tattoo crown on the wrist for girls1

tattoo crown on the wrist for girls2

tattoo crown on the wrist for girls3

tattoo crown on the wrist for girls4

tattoo crown on the wrist for the girls5

tattoo crown on the wrist for girls6

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tattoo crown on the wrist for the girls8

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