Cervical dilatation

Many women care whether the cervix is ​​removed whenCertain diseases? Cervical removal is carried out only in the presence of emergency indications. With this type of intervention, the cervix and the upper part of the vagina are removed, it is possible to remove part of the cervix. Uterus and ovaries are not affected. This means that pregnancy after removal of the cervix is ​​possible. Surgery to remove the cervix is ​​performed laparoscopically, or through the vaginal entrance.

Effects of the operation

To the consequences of removal of the cervix in the firstTurn should be attributed to the risk of repeated surgery. In the case of slippage of ligatures after the first operation or inadequate hemostasis, bleeding may begin. With prolonged bleeding, the operation is duplicated.

It should be noted that the consequences after removal of the cervix can be different. There is a risk of developing all kinds of infectious complications: sepsis, peritonitis, festering with hematomas.

The later consequences include:

  • Necrosis of the vaginal dome;
  • Vaginal bleeding;
  • Prolapse of intestinal loops through the vaginal entrance.
Sexual life after surgery

Most ladies believe that sex after removalThe cervix will be inferior. However, it is not. A woman just needs to adapt to her new state. Real problems with sexual intimacy can begin after the uterus, tubes, ovaries and cervix are removed (vaginal dryness, decreased desire). If the cervix is ​​left after removal of the uterus, the possibility of testing orgasm remains.

Life after removal of the cervix in the first timeQuite different. A woman needs to be fully restored. Initially forbidden sex life, exercise, lifting weights. Is it possible to remove the cervix and at the same time be considered complete? Yes, you can, most importantly - to defeat internal complexes.