Sex after removal of the uterus

Many women who have already gone throughHysterectomy or what it is, think about what will be their sex life after the removal of the uterus, whether they themselves and their partner will experience the same sensations.

When is sex possible after removal of the uterus?

After the operation, doctors recommend at least six weeks to abstain from sexual life, because the seams should be well tightened after surgery.

Sensations when having sex after removal of the uterus

Sexual life in women with a remote uterus does notDoes not differ from that of healthy female representatives. Of course, in the first months after hysterectomy a woman may experience some pain during sexual intercourse, but eventually they come to naught.

Since the female erogenous zones are located on the walls of the vagina and the external genital organs, sex after the operation to remove the uterus continues to deliver the same pleasure.

If a woman is removed along with the uterusVagina, then during sex, she can have pain. If a woman has a uterus removed with her appendages, she may stop experiencing orgasm.

The main problem in this situation can beMore to represent the psychological aspect. A woman who has undergone a hysterectomy can find it difficult to relax, and, therefore, to enjoy sex. In this regard, it may decrease sexual desire. Problems with libido can occur and in connection with hormonal disorders, if a woman does not take hormones recommended by her doctor.

But the majority of women (about 75%) retainForce of sexual desire at the same level, and some even experience its strengthening, which is most often due to the elimination of unpleasant gynecological symptoms and discomfort after surgery.