Sore cunt

Most women, when they have a vagina,do not rush to apply for medical consultation, hoping that the pain will disappear in a short time on their own. However, this attitude towards one's health is fraught with the development of serious gynecological diseases. After all, in most cases, this phenomenon is only a sign of violation. Let's take a closer look at this situation and try to figure out why women suffer from the entrance to the vagina.</ P>

In what cases is the pain in the vagina a symptom of the disease?

To begin with, it should be noted that the painful sensations in this reproductive organ are divided by duration into:

  • constant;
  • periodic;
  • single-shot;
  • recurrent pain.

In this case, the intensity of pain can vary from slight discomfort in the vaginal area, to severe acute, painful sensations.

As a rule, stitching pain is noted wheninflammatory diseases (vulvitis, endometritis). Drawing painful sensations in the vaginal area mainly indicate a violation such as the descent of the vaginal walls or a change in the position of the uterus (incomplete loss of the uterus body), and may also occur in abnormalities in the development of reproductive organs, scarring adhesions. With all these violations, a woman suffers directly inside the vagina.

In what situations is the pain in the vagina not related to the disease?

So, quite often from women at pregnancy it is possibleto hear that they have a vagina. In such situations, as a rule, such unpleasant sensations are caused by overstretch of the ligamentous apparatus of the small pelvis, which is caused by an increase in the size of the fetus.

If we talk directly about whyIt hurts the vagina during menstruation, it should be noted that at this time the pain is caused by the involvement of the muscular layer of this organ in the contractile movements that are observed in the uterine myometrium. It is in this way that the uterus clears its cavity of menstrual blood and particles of the endometrium.

It should also be noted that pain can be directly related to sexual intercourse. Often, women are interested in a gynecologist about why they have during or after sex hurts the vagina.

Sore in the vagina

In the first case, soreness may beis caused by sloppy actions on the part of the partner. If discomforting sensations appear immediately after lovemaking, then maybe a woman has a small vagina or there are inflammatory processes in the reproductive system. In addition, acute pain almost immediately after intercourse, which is accompanied by pressure on the rectum area and a violation of overall health, may be a sign of rupture of the ovary tissue.</ P>

If a woman has a vagina that hurts during excitation and at the very beginning of sexual intercourse, then this may indicate insufficient mucosal secretion, lubrication.