vagina of the virgin

As you know, with the onset of sexual activityThe reproductive system of a woman undergoes some changes. First of all, it concerns the vagina, which changes somewhat. Let's take a closer look at this organ of the reproductive system, and in particular, we will dwell on the peculiarities of the structure of the vagina of the virgin.</ P> Features of the structure of the vagina in girls

So, the newly bornNewborn girls, the length of this body is only 3 cm. Moreover, the entrance to the vagina itself is very deep and has a practically vertical direction. In appearance it looks like a funnel.

The walls of the vagina closely adjoin each other. All this is due to the fact that the muscular apparatus of the small pelvis is still very weak. Approximately 1 year, the length of the vagina increases by about 1 cm.

Only to 8 years in this body can be detectedThe so-called folding, which is characteristic of any female vagina. It is thanks to her that the size of the organ changes during the course of labor, as well as during sexual intercourse with women.

The largest increase in the size of the vagina in a virgin begins with about 10 years, and by the age of 12-13 it reaches 7-8 cm.

How does the vagina change with the onset of puberty?

If we talk about how the vagina looksthe virgin, then in its structure there is, perhaps, the only feature - the hymen. It is this mucosal septum that protects the internal genital organs from the external ones and prevents the penetration of pathogenic microorganisms into them. At the first sexual intercourse there is a rupture of this formation, which is often accompanied by a small discharge of blood.

If we talk about how the entrance to the vagina of a virgin looks, then, as a rule, it has a smaller size than women who have sex.

What does the vagina vagina look like

In general, the vagina of a virgin and already experiencedWomen are not very different. Its size is larger, the length thus increases slightly, even after the birth of the child. Because of the large number of glands in women, a greater amount of mucous lubricant is noted, which is necessary for moisturizing.</ P>

Thus, it can be concluded that the mainChanges in such a reproductive organ as the vagina occur in the direction of ensuring the genital function of the female body. This is done by increasing its size, primarily, and also through the work of the hormonal system, under the influence of which changes occur in this organ.