Length of the vagina

Vagina, part of the femaleReproductive system, is a muscular hollow organ that resembles a tube in shape. Its walls have numerous folds that diverge and increase the length of the vagina. It is this parameter that most often interests not only men, but also women. After all, often the fair sex are worried about how the partner feels during an intimate relationship. Let's take a closer look at this parameter of the female vagina.</ P> What is the cause of this structure of the vagina?

It must be said that this body does not playthe last role in the process of fertilization. So, in the norm the vagina should freely accept the erect penis of the partner. For this, the very folds are responsible, which in the process of sexual intercourse are stretched, as a result of which the length of the female vagina sharply increases.

Also it is necessary to say about this functionThis body, as excretory, which also determines its anatomical structure. Directly through the vagina, in part by reducing its muscle fibers is released monthly menstrual blood, and with it - particles of uterine tissue.

Due to its thin wall, the vagina can easily grow not only in length, but also in width, which is extremely necessary for the passage of the fetus along the generic pathways.

What is the average length of the vagina in women of reproductive age?

To begin with, it must be said that thisthe parameter depends in part on whether the woman had childbirth or not. As a rule, in mums the length of this organ during the recovery period of the body is somewhat larger. On the average, in all women, this index varies between 7-13 cm in the unexcited state.

As for the maximum length of the vagina, it is noted in women in a state of sexual arousal.

Thus, one of the western institutions of women'sphysiology conducted an appropriate study, which involved more than 500,000 women. According to the results, in the excited state this organ can increase up to 13-19 cm. However, in about 85% of women who underwent similar research, the maximum length of the vagina was stretched to 15-16 cm. This is the average size of the erect penis in men.

How does the size of the vagina change with age and after the birth of children?

Having told about the length of the female vagina for the majority, it should be noted that this reproductive organ changes its size over time.

So, quite often men notice some changesin their feelings during sexual intercourse with their wives, after they have children. This is usually due to the fact that after the birth some smoothing of the vaginal walls takes place and the number of folds decreases. At the same time the length of this organ increases insignificantly, and after a short time, the time becomes as before.

If we talk about how a change occursof this parameter of the vagina depending on the age of the woman herself, then with an increase in years, the length does not practically change. On average, up to 60 years in women, it can only increase by 1-2 cm. This is primarily due to the attenuation of the reproductive function of the body.

How to know the length of the vagina?

average length of the vagina

Often, especially young women, think about this issue. This is due to some uncertainty and inexperience in intimate relationships.</ P>

In fact, this parameter is almost impossibledoes not affect the achievement of orgasm by a man. Therefore, one should not conduct such measurements independently. With such measuring manipulation, a woman can easily infect an infection in the genital tract.

If a woman is very important to know this parameterher reproductive organ, she can go to a medical institution. Using a special, sterile instrument on which a measuring scale is applied, a gynecologist can determine the length of the vagina.