After sex the vagina hurts

The question of why after sexThe vagina hurts, gynecologists often hear during the reception. In fact, there can be many reasons for this. Let's try to highlight the most frequent of them.</ P>

Why does vagina hurt after sex?

In those cases when the pain afterIntimate relationships are observed only on one side of the abdomen, it is possible to assume such a violation as the ovarian cyst. This disease is characterized by the appearance of neoplasms and is often accompanied by pain during menstruation. In cases where the cyst is of functional origin, it often disappears on its own. As a result, after 2-3 menstrual cycles, the entrance to the vagina does not hurt after sex.

The most frequent cause of soreness inThe areas of the vagina after lovemaking are sexually transmitted diseases and inflammatory processes in the organs of the reproductive system. Among such violations it is necessary to isolate syphilis, gonorrhea.

It is also worth noting that often pain inVagina after sex can be caused by cervicitis. In this case, soreness is due to the contact of the penis with the neck itself with the deep introduction of the male sexual organ.

If a woman after sex is aching musclesVagina, it can talk about a phenomenon such as adhesions in the reproductive organs. With such a violation, the sexual partner of the woman herself says that when the penis is inserted, something hinders him, as if there is some kind of barrier.

In some cases, pain after sex inThe area of ​​the vagina may be due to insufficient lubrication of the female organ. In this case, along with the pain of women, often notice the appearance of redness of the walls of the vagina - they become bright red.

What if I get vagina after sex?

Why after sex does the vagina hurt

With such a symptomatology, you should not torment yourself with guesses, but as soon as possible contact a doctor. After all, as can be seen from the above, there can be many reasons for such phenomena.</ P>

In order to temporarily ease their suffering,A woman, before calling a doctor, can take antispasmodic or pain medications such as No-shpa, Papaverin, Analgin. However, to delay the visit to the doctor is not necessary, because The faster the cause is identified, the sooner the treatment will be prescribed, after which the woman will forever forget about such an unpleasant phenomenon as pain in the vagina after sexual intercourse.