The air comes out of the vagina

This kind of phenomenon, when the vagina comes outAir, often puts women in an awkward position. After all, this can happen not only after sexual intercourse, but also during the day. Let's try to figure out why this might be and what are the reasons for this.</ P>

Why does the air come out of the vagina?

First of all, it should be noted thatMost often this kind of phenomenon is observed in the first minutes after the end of the sexual act - almost immediately, as a partner extracts the penis from the vagina. During sexual contact, air enters the vaginal cavity from the outside with the help of the penis, which plays in this case the role of a peculiar piston. Often, the air from the vagina goes directly during sex, with the knee-elbow position.

This kind of phenomenon is connected, first of allWith a weak tonus of the muscles of the small pelvis. Often this is noted after the appearance of a woman's child. So, during the process of delivery there is a hyperextension of the muscles, which subsequently lose their tone and require physical training. It is this fact that explains the phenomenon that after the birth of the vagina air comes out, and this can happen in the process of doing household chores - it costs a woman to strain the muscles of the lower press and the small pelvis, as the sound appears.

It should be noted that in itself thisThe phenomenon is not considered by doctors as a violation, but it can contribute to the omission, and sometimes the loss of internal genital organs, atony of the bladder.

In what other cases can a similar phenomenon be noted?

As already mentioned above, the main reason for the appearance of air from the vagina is a decrease in muscle tone. At the same time, this can be noted not only during an intimate relationship.

Air from the vagina during sex

So, when pregnancy air from the vagina cavityComes out as a result of the pressure on him of the fetus. This happens especially often in later periods, when the future baby is already large enough.</ P>

Some girls note that they have air fromThe vagina comes just before the menstrual period. In such cases, this phenomenon is due, first of all, to the intensification of the contractile activity of the myometrium and the muscles of the small pelvis along with it. That is why strong, rhythmic contractions of the uterine muscles, which produce the rejection of the dead endometrium with blood, often lead to the air coming out of the vaginal cavity.