why does sperm come out of the vagina

Many women, for various reasons,face the problem of conception. It is in such situations that doctors often hear a question from potential moms, which directly relates to why after sex the sperm flows out of the vaginal cavity. After all, many women believe that this factor is the reason for the long absence of pregnancy. Let's try to answer this question and find out: is it really true that when the ejaculate flows out of the vagina after sexual intercourse, conception does not occur.</ P> Because of what happens this phenomenon?

It should be noted right away that such a phenomenonIt is absolutely normal; In no case does it speak of the wrong structure of the reproductive organs of a woman. Moreover, if semen escapes from the vagina after sex, this does not mean that spermatozoa do not penetrate into the uterine cavity.

If we talk specifically about the reasons for thisphenomenon, it is first of all necessary to note that this is most often observed in those women who have a somewhat flattened posterior vaginal fornix. In this case, the separation of semen from the female genital organs occurs as a result of the action of gravity on it. It is this fact that serves as an explanation of why the sperm emanate from the vagina almost immediately after sex.

Also, some women note that they havesperm flows out of the vaginal cavity during the process of urination, which occurs after a short time after sexual intercourse. This phenomenon can not be regarded as a violation. After all, when going to the toilet, the muscles of the small pelvis are activated, which, as a result of pressure on the vagina, contribute to the release of the ejaculate left there.

What should a woman do in such a situation?

It should be noted that from a medical point of viewThis phenomenon does not affect the process of conception at all. In either case, part of the seminal fluid, together with more mobile spermatozoa, penetrates the uterine neck, and then into the cavity of the reproductive organ. For the fertilization of a mature egg, literally 3-5 ml of ejaculate is enough.

should sperm leak from the vagina

From what has been said above, we can conclude thatFact, semen from the vaginal cavity follows or not, immediately after the end of the sexual act, has no practical significance. Where a large role is played by the number of active, motile spermatozoa in the seminal fluid, ready to fertilize a mature egg. After all, in most cases, it is these features of male sperm that prevent the normal fertilization of the matured in the female body of the egg.</ P>

Thus, it must be said that the woman does notShould think about whether the semen from the vagina can flow out after the sexual act, because this phenomenon is absolutely natural and does not interfere in any way with the fertilization process.