Size of the vagina

Such a parameter of the female reproductive system,As the size of the vagina, in most cases is of unequal importance. When carrying out numerous studies of this field, it was found that the growth practically does not affect the length of the vagina, however, there is some tendency to be. In particular, the length of this part of the reproductive system was recorded much more often in tall women. Let's take a closer look at this parameter and try to figure out: what influences the size of the vagina in women and how to recognize it.</ P> What size is the norm?

If we talk about the average size of a womanVagina, then most often doctors call 7-12 cm. It should be noted that when the body takes a vertical position, this organ slightly bends in its upper part. Therefore, the establishment of the length of the vagina is carried out exclusively in the gynecological chair.

How can a woman's vagina change?

Having told about what size of the vagina is considered normal, it should be noted that this body can be changed under the influence of some factors.

So, in particular during sexual intercourse withSexual elation is its elongation. This is due to the fact that the inner wall of this anatomical formation has a variety of tissue folds. When sex is their smoothing, which eventually increases the length of the vagina. As a rule, in such cases, this organ of the female reproductive system fully corresponds to the length of the male penis. In total, the depth of the vagina can be increased by 5 cm.

Similar is also observed in the processDelivery. In this case, this fact is due to the fact that the vagina together with the cervix create, the so-called generic canal. This increases not only the length, but also the width of the vagina. It completely takes the size of the fetus moving along the birth canal, increasing several times in diameter. When the fetus is large, there may be a rupture of the vaginal walls, which requires surgical intervention and suturing.

After childbirth for several days, the cervixthe uterus, and with it the vagina come back to normal, i.e. Take their old dimensions. However, in some cases, after the birth of a child, a phenomenon such as uterine dysfunction may develop, which is due to overstretching of the muscular apparatus. This fact affects the length of the vagina and leads to its shortening.

Separately it is necessary to say about the thresholdvagina, the size of which is very difficult to establish. The thing is that under this term it is customary to understand a space that is bounded above by the clitoris, from below - by the soldering of the labia majora, and on the sides by small labia.

How to measure the depth of the vagina?

As a rule, this question interests women,Who experience some kind of insecurity with intimate communication. So some girls think that the size of their penis does not match the size of the male partner.

In fact, this parameter in mostCases has no practical significance. In view of the presence of such a vagina, such as accommodation (an increase in size), sexual partners very rarely experience discomfort or discontent.

average size of the vagina

However, if a woman still has an insurmountabledesire to measure your sexual organ, then for this purpose it is necessary to consult a doctor. When carrying out this manipulation, a woman is offered to sit in a gynecological chair. After installing the mirrors, the doctor introduces into the vagina a kind of probe that has a centimeter notch. Measure from the edge of the cervix to the edge of the large labia.

Thus, I would like to say that outsidedepending on the size of the female vagina, this parameter has virtually no effect on sexual relations. That's why women should not worry, thinking that they can not deliver their partners the necessary pleasure.