Abortion at week 8

Today, more and more girls are found in"An interesting situation" in a very young and immature age. Naturally, because of the lack of stability in life and finances, pregnancy is undesirable, and it has to be stopped.

What abortion do at week 8?

But, despite the availability of information, girlsLearn about their pregnancy late and come to the gynecologist, respectively, already with a fetus in the abdomen. According to statistics, the most frequent is abortion at week 8. At this time, the girl should think carefully, weigh all the pros and cons, make sure that giving birth is, indeed, an inopportune time, before deciding on such a step. Since medical abortion at week 8 is often no longer possible, and the procedure for abortion is a difficult surgical operation.

To have an abortion at the 8th week of pregnancy, you need to go through a gynecologist's examination first:

  1. The specialist will conduct an examination and send you to the tests.
  2. According to the results it will be clear whether a drug abortion is possible at week 8.

Consequences of abortion at week 8

According to the expert, such a period is the most favorable time for abortion. If to go on operation earlier - the chance of undesirable consequences raises, up to barreness.

Also abortion at 8 weeks differs from abortion on 8-9 weeks in that in the first case the nervous system of the fetus is only just beginning its development, and in the second case the period of general development begins.

Interruption of pregnancy at week 8 is extremelyUndesirable procedure, however, if the girl still decided on an abortion, then do not delay the trip to the doctor. Gynecologists say that the longer the period, the more dangerous the termination of pregnancy. But in practice, there are often cases when potential mothers turn to the clinic and at critical later times, when nothing can be done.