cervical cancer

Any cancer disease istragedy for a person, and cervical cancer - is no exception. Despite the fact that in the treatment of this disease, serious progress has now been made, medicine does not yet have an ideal solution to this problem, which would not lead to serious consequences for women.

More often than not, women who undergo surgery for cervical cancer are concerned about what their sex life will be after that, whether pregnancy is possible.

Complications after surgical treatment of cervical cancer

  1. When infecting adjacent to the uterusOrgans in a woman can be removed not only the cervix and the body of the uterus, but also the vagina (or part of it), part of the bladder or intestine. In this case, there is no question of restoring the reproductive system. The most important is the preservation of the life of a woman.
  2. If only the reproductive system is affectedthe situation can be complicated by loss of the uterus, vagina, ovaries. But in any case, doctors try to keep as many reproductive organs as possible.
  3. At the second stage of the disease, the uterus can be amputated, but the ovaries try to preserve so that there is no disruption of the hormonal background.
  4. A successful outcome of the disease is the removal of only the cervix. In this case, the woman can fully recover from the operation.
  5. Sex after cervical cancer is possible in the event that a woman has a vagina, or it is restored with the help of intimate plastics.
  6. If a woman has a uterus retained, then, after a recovery course, she may even think about pregnancy and childbirth.
  7. With a distant uterus, births are naturally impossible, but with the preservation of the ovaries, the sexual attraction of a woman and her sex life will not be affected. Sex after removal of the uterus is physiologically possible.

In any case, a woman who underwent surgery inconnection with cervical cancer, should not lose optimism, because the opportunity to return to a full life depends only on herself, the main thing is to find the strength for this.