water from the vagina

Watery discharge from the vagina infrequentlybother women, but if they arise, then women are mostly frightened, implying something is wrong. Meanwhile, the situation when it is normal that the vaginal discharge as water is ubiquitous, although it is not necessary to relax, and it is better to consult a doctor.

Water from the vagina is normal

So, it's normal that water flows from the vagina, when:

  • it occurs in girls at the very beginning of puberty, as their female reproductive system begins to be included in the work;
  • ovulation is observed (egg yield), as the level of female hormones changes, which is the cause of such secretions;
  • soon the arrival of the monthly is expected, since at this time the circulation in the endometrium is maximal, and liquid accumulates therein;
  • a woman bathes in a pond or in the bathroom, as water enters the vagina, and then flows out.

Water from the vagina as a symptom of disease

Meanwhile, there are diseases, one of the manifestations of which is that water flows from the vagina. It can be:

  1. Endometritis is a chronic inflammation of the internal cavity of the uterus, which disrupts biochemical processes in the mucosa (discharge abundant, sometimes with impurities of blood and often with an unpleasant odor).
  2. Salpingoophoritis is an inflammatory lesionovaries and tubes, causing a congestion of serous fluid in the fallopian tube, which is poured into the uterus, and then - through the vagina. Allocations are initially watery, and with the progression of the infection become purulent, dense.
  3. Disease of the cervix (often malignant), as a result of which lymph swims through the vessels of the tumor (discharge abundant, with an admixture of blood cells.
  4. Bacterial vaginosis is a serious bacterial infection of the vagina, in which water from the vagina flows with a fishy smell, gradually becoming thick and yellowish-green.