For those who have not yet chosen, no matter what patternstuff it on the shoulder or other part of the body, and for the just curious, we'll tell in this article about tatushki, which should bring luck and wealth to its owners.

From ancient times people in different places of the earth drew onhis body magic drawings and signs, which symbolized different actions. For example, some pictures should drive away evil spirits, others - attract good luck, others - symbolize fertility and profit. But modern man, just like thousands of years ago, believes in the power of a variety of native drawings, which are now called tattoos.

Tattoos in the form of animals

A LION. There is no doubt that the king of beasts, depicted by the tattoo master on your body, should bring not only good luck, but also to strengthen the strength of the spirit and self-confidence.

Tattoo lion

A FOX. A cunning red-haired animal brings success and prosperity. Many say that the fox helps entrepreneurs and people in leadership positions.

Fox tattoos

CAT. According to the beliefs of sailors, the cat brings good luck andsuccess in business, therefore on board they always took with themselves a tailed friend. And who can not with them everywhere to take a living cat, can stuff itself with her image on the body and not part with luck.

cat tattoo

DOLPHIN. A tattoo in the form of this glorious animal symbolizes not only luck, but also freedom, as well as protection.

tattoo dolphin

GOLD FISH. The most famous performer of desires will definitely help in business and bring good luck.

goldfish tattoo

SEA HORSE. The image of this marine creature will bring to its owner not only success, but also luck, overcoming obstacles in any business.

Tattoo sea horse

DEER. This noble animal in antiquity was very revered by different nationalities, people believed that its image brings money and luck.

tattoo deer

ELEPHANT. This majestic animal depicted on the body should bring good luck, generosity, patience, prosperity and happiness.

An elephant tattoo

SPIDER. Despite the fact that many of us are afraid of theseCreatures and once again would prefer not to face them, a tattoo in the form of a spider is considered an amulet of diseases and dangers, and also attracts luck and luck.

Spider tattoo

LIZARD. A brisk and cold-blooded lizard brings strength, luck and prosperity in business.

tattoo lizard

FROG. The frog's image is the most popular today. It is believed that the green jumping brings wealth and luck in all endeavors.

Tattoo frog

SNAIL. Despite the fact that it is a slippery and slowCreation, he has a protective shell, in which you can hide from troubles. Therefore, the snail symbolizes the charm, protection, perseverance and, accordingly, good luck.

snail tattoo

Tattoo in the form of insects

LADYBUG. This is an all-time favorite insect "works" as a guard against evil eye and spoilage, attracts luck and prosperity.

Ladybug tattoo

BEE. The worker-bee necessarily brings success and will help in solving difficult life situations, the image of this insect also speaks of diligence, positive and sunshine.

bee tattoo

SCARAB BEETLE. Even from ancient beliefs it was believed that this beetle symbolizes luck and luck.

Scarab beetle tattoo

DRAGONFLY. They say that the image of a dragonfly on the body helps to turn life for the better, attract prosperity and prosperity.

dragonfly tattoo

Tattoos in the form of birds or their feathers

SWALLOW. The image of this bird is a popular talisman, the swallow brings luck and symbolizes youthfulness of the spirit, hope and love.

tattoo swallow

PHOENIX. Whatever happens, the phoenix bird will always be reborn from the ashes, therefore its image is a symbol of will power, rebirth, immortality and prosperity.

Phoenix Tattoo

KOLIBRI. A small hardy bird is very beautiful, therefore it as a talisman brings strength, energy, improves financial status and symbolizes diligence.

hummingbird tattoo

THE POULTRY'S FEATHER. Feathers always wore on their clothes and in their hairIndians. It was believed that these symbols bring material benefits and luck, but this does not apply to peacock feathers, since they can "reward" the reverse effect and turn away luck.

bird feather tattoos

Tattoos in the form of plants

ACORN. This "strong nutlet" symbolizes strength, health, luck and masculinity.

tattoo acorn

CLOVER. It should be with three or four petals, and everyone knows from childhood that this plant bring good luck and success.

tattoo clover

LOTUS. The lotus flower symbolizes the successful overcoming of obstacles and the achievement of goals, and also it looks very beautiful on the body, especially the female one.

lotus tattoo

ORCHID. It is a flower of individuality, bringing luxury and wealth to its owner.

tattoo orchid

DANDELION. A picture on the body in the form of a pretty flower will bring positive, positive energy, luck and success to your life.

dandelion tattoo

Tattoo in the form of mythical creatures

UNICORN, PEGAS. If you put an image of these pure mythical creatures on your body, they will bring you success, kindness, purity and a piece of magic.

Pegasus tattoo

MERMAID. Sailors and people associated with sailing often fill themselves with mermaids as an amulet of luck and success.

tattoo of a mermaid

THE DRAGON. The dragon in many cultures is not only a symbol of luck and wealth, but also of courage and strength, and besides, this fairy-tale creature is a guard against evil spirits.

The Dragon

Tattoos in the form of objects

HORSESHOE. Everyone knows that an inverted horseshoe isan indisputable symbol of success and prosperity, all our ancestors kept such an object as a guard. Of course, if you put an image of a horseshoe on the body, it will also become a symbol of luck.

horseshoe tattoos

COINS, COUPLES. Undoubtedly, the image of money will bring wealth and prosperity to the owner.

banknote tattoos

INFINITY SIGN. If you stuff yourself a tattoo in the form of such a sign, then you are doomed to success and financial well-being. Also, the "inverted eight" protects the health of its owner.

infinity tattoo

SKULL. The skull was considered from the earliest times to be an amulet and a symbol of well-being.

tattoo skull