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If you did not get vacation in the summer - notBe upset. There is nothing better than a winter holiday in one of the best ski resorts in Finland - Rukka. It is there, in the Golden Gate of Lapland, and we will go today on a virtual journey.

The Golden Gate of Lapland

It's not for nothing that Rukka wears the proud name of the GoldenThe gate of Lapland. Unlike many of its counterparts, the resort of Rukka is not located on any hillside, but on the real mountain - with a height of 493 meters above sea level, many lifts, excellent snow cover and other attributes of a self-respecting mountain resort. In addition to successful natural data, it can boast a high level of service - even if frosts fail or snow falls out insufficiently, artificial snowing systems will be launched.

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In total, Rukka can offer its guests neitherMuch not a little, but as many as 28 routes of different levels of complexity. Ski lifts in the resort are equipped in Alpine manner, which means that everyone can make a spiral along all the routes.

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And of course, the Finnish resort can not do without its own residence of Santa Claus, which will be interesting to visit both kids and adults.

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Resort Rukka, Finland - what to do?

In addition to directly skiing,Rukka offers many opportunities interesting and useful to spend time. Among them - snowmobiling, dog sledding, swimming in the ice hole and winter diving.

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If the winter entertainment bother finally, then25 km from the resort in the Holiday Club Kuusamo there is an aqua park with 1000 and 1 water attraction. And in the central square of Rukka in the main shopping center there are many shops that will undoubtedly attract the desirous shopping of beautiful ladies. That men are not bored at this time to their services perfectly equipped gym. And children will be entertained by cheerful animators from the children's playroom.

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Resort Rukka, Finland - when to go?

The holiday season in Rukka lasts more than nine months - from October to June. The peak of vacationers falls on the Christmas holidays and in the period from the second half of February to the end of April.

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Spa Rukka, Finland - where to stay?

Ski Resort Rukka presents itsGuests have great opportunities in terms of choosing a place to stay. In total, the resort is able to host about 23 thousand guests at the same time, placing them in comfortable hotels and simple village houses.

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